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Programmer Advice

Discussion in 'Chevy Silverado Forum (GMC Sierra)' started by tecster, Dec 20, 2013.

  1. 06MonteSS

    06MonteSS Rockstar 4 Years 100 Posts

    I give free tune updates for 1 year... so if you did it now, then within a year you add a cai, exhaust, you'd just let me know.. I'd have you do some new data logs for me and I'd send you an updated tune ;-) After the 1 year free period has passed, it would be just $75 for tune updates, and that would cover you for another 6 months....

    I'm also a dealer for cold air intakes, exhaust systems, etc.. so would probably be able to save you some $$ on those mods too when you go to do 'em.. ;-)



    You'd purchase the package deal ( )... I receive the order and payment... I submit the order to my supplier and the programmer ships from them directly to you - if I receive the order before 6pm Eastern Time, it would ship out the same day and you would usually receive it in a couple days - it depends on where you live... It could be 1 day, it could be 5 days...

    You receive the tool... the first thing you would need to do is update it to all of the latest updates... once all the updates are done and complete, then you are ready to connect it to your vehicle and select one of the preset tunes -- either the 87 Octane Tune if you use 87/89 octane gas most of the time, or the Diablo Tune if you're going to use 91 octane gas or higher all the time -- and then select Install Tune...

    the tool will first save the copies of your original backup stock tune files in itself, and then it will continue and install the performance tunes you selected.

    once the install is done, then you're good to go with the preset tune.

    You'd drive a few days or so until you get at least about 150 miles put on the tune, and then you'd be ready to record the first steady driving data log. And I have info/instructions for how to do everything, so no worries there....

    Once you have the data log done, then, you'd connect the tool back up to your computer... get copies of the original backup and last tune written files, and the data log, copied from the programmer to your PC, then you email me the files, with your vehicle info - year, model, engine, any mods done to it, etc... I create you a custom tune file and then email it back to you... I can usually have the first initial tune done and sent back to you within 24-48 hours.

    you import the custom tune file into the tool... then connect the tool to your vehicle and select the custom tune to install, then install the tune...

    you drive however you normally do for a couple/few days until you've put on at least about 150 miles so that the fuel trims and such have been relearned by the ECM and have settled in.. then you are ready to record another steady driving data log for me...

    you do that, then send me the log file... I make fine-tuning adjustments to the custom tune, and make you an updated custom tune file, send it to you, you import it to the tool, install to the vehicle, put on the miles, etc etc...

    and once the part-throttle normal driving stuff is all dialed in and looks like it should, then we move on to the WOT fun! haha.. I have you do a WOT data log for me, I go through it, make any needed adjustments to WOT fueling/timing, send you an updated tune, you install it.. get me a new WOT data log to check, etc... once everything all looks good, you're good to go.

    so that's the scoop...


    I'm in Woodbury, CT... you?? I work from my home / my own home business...
  2. tecster

    tecster Member

    Well since you live in Connecticut, and I live up in Enfield I'd honestly save the money for shipping and just pick it up from you. As far as pricing, what are we looking at? Any videos of it running in particularly the 4.8 v8?
  3. 06MonteSS

    06MonteSS Rockstar 4 Years 100 Posts

    nahhh.. can't pick it up from me - I don't stock anything here at my house, heh... things get shipped directly from my distributor/supplier to you/the customer... and they're located in PA...

    my pricing includes free shipping anyway, so no worries there.. . the Trinity + Custom Tune package deal is $685... the Trinity by itself is $600... and like I say, that includes free shipping...

    I do not have any videos of it myself... but I'm sure there's probably some on youtube.. and I know DiabloSport has their own youtube channel that has videos/instructional videos of the products...
  4. tecster

    tecster Member

    How does the DiabloSport Trinity compare to the Edge CTS? Can you point me towards any real reviews that are unbiased? I mean, obviously you're going to try to push the product you make money off of which is understandable but I figured I'd ask.
  5. 06MonteSS

    06MonteSS Rockstar 4 Years 100 Posts

    you mean besides the fact that Edge's parent company that makes them went bankrupt about a month or so ago and they've been bought out by some other company now?? heh...

    as previously mentioned, the diablosport tools have the most end-user adjustable parameters available than any others... complete data logging capabilities and full parameter support.. restore original backup stock tunes at any time and no worries about warranty/dealers... scan for and clear trouble codes... PLUS, you can get CUSTOM TUNING done for the diablo tools, which you can not with the others, like edge - you'd be stuck with whatever preset tune they give you on them... and if you don't like their tune, oh well, you can't do anything about it.. can't get your fueling adjusted correctly, can't disable trouble codes if needed, etc etc etc....
  6. tecster

    tecster Member

    Okay, so can you do a tune for for things such as tow, economy, performance, and such? Also, can you sell and tune for a friend who owns a Ford?
  7. 06MonteSS

    06MonteSS Rockstar 4 Years 100 Posts

    Yes I can hook you up with a custom tune no problem...

    As for the Ford guy, I can certainly get him hooked up with an inTune or Trinity programmer, but I don't tune Fords... I'm a GM-only guy... But I do know a guy that does custom tuning for Fords that he could contact for a custom tune if he wanted one...
  8. Scott_03silverado

    Scott_03silverado New Member

    Has anyone used an EFI Live setup on a 5.3l LS1? Im looking to upgrade my hypertec max energy... How much est. powergains come from the Diablo setup with the custom tunes??

    Thanks - Scott_03silverado
  9. Kapelusprime

    Kapelusprime Member

    Six months later and I still love my intune, Diablo Tune installed with a Magnaflow one/two twice pipe kit. It was like a different truck. I didn't want a drag car or I'd bought another drag car. It just got rid of the sluggish pedal and gear searching, it towed well before, now it tows better. Really gave my 5.3 some life, I run 93 octane all the time so I figured why not get some more refined performance to show for it. Big plus was no more lifter tick from AFM. I don't abuse my truck, I'm not doing heaters with it or flooring every stop light, I just like the increase in responsiveness. MPG have not suffered at all with AFM off and if you do get an exhaust kit you'll want AFM off, otherwise it sounds like hell when it drops into 4 cylinder. My only suggestion is if you men at Diablo could include a tow/haul specific tune with the trinity or intune.
    Can't wait to see what you guys do when the new diesel Colorado hits the market early 2015.

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