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    i have an 03 duramax with a banks six gun programmer and i feel like the programmer is getting out dated. my programmer has a sensor that i had to drill into the exhaust. do other newer programmers also have this ? and are some of the newer programmers a little better? what would you guys recommend if i were going to get a new one?
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    If you're wanting something a LOT better than the six-gun, I would recommend getting EFI Live (and a set of gauges)..... Whether you buy the whole setup or just pay someone to give you a tune for it.... It's a lot more in-depth than a regular plug in box programmer like the six-gun though....

    The sensor that the exhaust had to be drilled for is the EGT (exhaust gas temperature) probe. It is needed to tell the programmer box when to back off because the temps are getting too high. If you go with EFI Live you'll just need to get a gauge to hook up to it so you can keep an eye on it.

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