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  1. RCChevyGuy

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    I've been thinking about getting a programmer and/or chip for my 01 Silverado 4x4 (4.8 liter V8) and was wondering if anyone could recommend a certain programmer or chip or combo, any help would be appreciated, thanks.

    99'HEARTBEAT MODERATOR Staff Member 5+ Years ROTM Winner 1000 Posts Platinum Contributor

    As you may know there are many Programmers on the market Today.......One that is Most Often mentioned here on the Site is......Diablo Tuning, and they are also a Sponsoring Vendor here on the Site, below is a link to their Web Site,

    Link to Diablo,
  3. Untouchable

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    I have friends that swear by Wheatley Tunes and have had others before. The only problem I've heard is that you have to send your PCM to them.
  4. RCChevyGuy

    RCChevyGuy New Member

    i lokked at them some but i have also been looking at the edge evolution cts quite a bit, anyone have anything to say about this? the diablo trinity looks good but apparently requires additional downloads, etc. anything else about the Edge unit?
  5. SurrealOne

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    The key advantage to a Diablosport tuner is it's a handheld that lets you control limited things (a la what Hypertech and BullyDog, and others do) ... but one you can ALSO use to do custom tunes when working with a third party Diablosport tuner.

    I have a custom Diablew tune and getting it was as simple as making sure I had a Diablorsport tuner (Predator or Trinity) with the serial cable and power cable kit that'd allow me to connect to my PC. With those two items I could engage a custom tuner (Diablew... who is on this site as 06MonteSS, is an authorized Diablosport reseller who bundles tunes with sales [sometimes], and can easily be found in this thread:!), follow his emailed instructions to log/retrieve/send him data, and get my custom tune done on my vehicle without sending the PCM anywhere, without having to travel to see the tuner, etc.

    I hope that sheds a little light on what sets Diablosports apart. Blackbear is also worth a look but he sends data logging devices, I think, which you must then ship back (i.e. shippings costs plus time wasted). Those are also a big problem if all of his devices are already in transit ... which apparently happens. I hear really good things about custom BB tunes, though -- just realize it's NOT a handheld tuner you get from BB.

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