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  1. josh02z71

    josh02z71 New Member

    do the programmers give a noticeable power difference? i have only had them on diesel trucks so i was wandering what to expect before i spent the money. i dont want to be let down.
  2. heavy chevy

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    I have a video on my wait4meperformance tune review in the reviews section yea it gives a noticible diffrence watch the video and see for yourself
  3. 1_low_rider

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    it's noticable but its not OH WOW! the real things you notice are the rev limiter, top speed limiter, shift points, slightly better fuel economy, etc. programmers are not all they're cracked up to be as far as power gains.... there was a really good thread on here a few days ago that explained all about them, maybe u can run up on it.....another option would be a custom tune from either the Black Bear or Wheatly company. in my opinion a tune is the way to go instead of a programmer.
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  4. nationschevy18

    nationschevy18 New Member

    if ur hoping that u get the power increase that u got on ur diesel u will be let down compared to a gasoline motor. but the programmer will help alot in different situations
  5. masterfoxscout

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    The diesel difference is more pronounced than the gasoline one. Like people have said, you can adjust performance characteristics such as shift firmness, shift points etc. You may notice 1 mpg gain if that and a little better throttle response. The way to go is to pay to have a performance tune as Heavy Chevy said.

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