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    I'm looking into tuning my truck, i've had a few friends say EFI live was great, but my question was do you have to do it yourself on a laptop or are there people who do it for you. I looked on their website and there isn't a reseller(?) anywhere close to me. Thanks in advance.
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    That's a very good programmer and allows for a lot of adjustment
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    "efi live" is tuning software... you have to run it on a laptop, and connect your laptop to your truck's obd port to flash tunes to it that you create yourself...

    you have to do everything yourself, and have to know what you are doing, heh... you can get yourself into trouble very easily... it is a tuning software suite...

    if you're not into that, and not up for learning all the ins and outs of tuning yourself, your best bet would be the diablosport Predator or Trinity for your truck...

    it comes preloaded with performance tunes for your year/model truck, give you the most adjustability of any handheld programmer.. PLUS, if you want to gain even more/better performance than the preloaded tunes give you, you can get custom tuning done for it/your truck by a diablosport custom tuner (like myself)....

    here's info on the Predator model U7198 for your truck:

    and here's info on the Trinity:

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    Ok, cool. I'm kinda new to the handheld programmer route, most of the vehicles I've had something done to, I had to sent in the ecu or had to chip it. I just have been told to stay away from the superchips/hypertech ones cause they weren't very good. Thanks for the info, btw how much do you charge for your custom tuning?
  5. 06MonteSS

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    my custom tuning is normally only $135...

    but I offer a package deal on purchasing a Trinity from me as well as my custom tuning at a reduced rate, so you'd save $$...

    here's info:
  6. dbb06

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    Ok, thanks. If money wasn't so tight (i'm on disability) you do have a good deal there. I think I may go with the diablosport Predator, since it is about half the price. Maybe when my wife gets out of school she can buy me the other one.

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