Programming Tire Pressure Monitor Locations

Discussion in 'General Chevy & GM Tech Questions' started by Aiblinger, Oct 24, 2008.

  1. Aiblinger

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    Has anyone had success with reprogramming the locations of their TPMS sensors (my truck is a 2007 Silverado)? Each time I've rotated my tires, I have tried to reprogram mine but always without success. The manual gives instructions on how to do it but it doesn't work when I try it. I always end up bringing it to the dealer for them to straighten it out.

    This is not a huge deal but I get tired of the info center telling me my rear tires are low on cold mornings when it is confused about locations of the tires. If anyone can give a better break down of the process I would sure appreciate it.

    Using the instructions in the manual, I have nearly flattened a tire or WAY overinflated the tire. Thank goodness I thought ahead and did this where I had access to a compressor! Thanks in advance for any help!
  2. zach45

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    mark the rim/tire...
  3. trackbird

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    Just saw the post while I was researching my own tire pressure issue.
    I haven't reset the sensors in my truck yet, but in my Corvette I reset the sensors by going into the "relearn mode" in the DIC. I then use a large magnet and run it over the valve stem area. The horn will sound when the computer recognizes the reset. Start at the drivers front and work to the passenger front, passenger rear, then driver's rear (if I remember correctly.) The DIC will tell which tire is next, in case this isn't the order on the truck.

    Addendum, copied from GM page:
    Magnet Method
    You will have only one minute between horn chirps, and five minutes overall, to complete the procedure once you start.
    With ignition on, engine not running, press both lock and unlock buttons on the key fob. A horn chirp within 10 seconds indicates that the receiver is in programming mode.
    At each wheel, hold the magnet over the valve stem until the horn chirps, to force the sensor to transmit its code. You must follow this order: LF, RF, RR and LR. The horn chirps twice to indicate completion.
    Scroll through the DIC readout to verify all four pressures are displayed.
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  4. Tunnelmotor99

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    I think the magnet method only works with higher end GM stuff like cadillacs and such. There are TPMS reset tools available but they are pricey.
  5. Aiblinger

    Aiblinger New Member

    Thanks for the replies! I am deployed right now but I will give the magnet a try when I get home. If it doesn't work for a lowly Silverado at least I will have tried it and found out. My manual doesn't mention using a magnet; all it says to do is to either inflate or deflate the tires for up to 30 sec until the horn chirps. I always start with the tire that should become recognized as the driver's front but have never had success.

    With your Corvette when using the magnet method, you start with the tire that is to become recognized as the driver's front, correct? Then move around the vehicle as you described.
  6. ponybullitt

    ponybullitt New Member

    Here is what my service manual says about customers unable to perform the valve stem reset procedure

    "For rubber valve stem sensors only, if you have any problems performing a learn procedure using the pressure release method, use the J-46079 tool to perform TPM Learn procedures.
    For customers who are unable to perform the learn procedure at home, advise them of the following information:
    While performing the pressure release learn method, some successful TPM relearns have been accomplished by adding or releasing air for 5-8 seconds and then waiting for the horn to chirp. You may have to wait up to 30 seconds for the horn to sound. By only adding or releasing air for 5-8 seconds reduces the resonant vibration frequency in the valve stem and increases the possibility of the sensor sending the correct ID learn message. If this does not work then replace all the TPM sensors with current SPO stock (same part number). A software fix within the TPM sensor was implemented to correct this concern.
    Please follow this diagnostic or repair process thoroughly and complete each step. If the condition exhibited is resolved without completing every step, the remaining steps do not need to be performed."
  7. Aiblinger

    Aiblinger New Member

    Thanks! I'll be sure to readdress this with the service department when I get home. Do you have a bulletin number or anything that I can show them so they can see that I am not making this up?
  8. Tunnelmotor99

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  9. ponybullitt

    ponybullitt New Member

    Here is the document number #PIT4220B
  10. fx2offroad

    fx2offroad Rockstar

    We tried to reset mine several times and guess what! All I got out of it was a dead battery!:lol:

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