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Discussion in 'GM Powertrain' started by somonenew1994, Jul 13, 2010.

  1. somonenew1994

    somonenew1994 Member

    what programs or tool do u need to actully set the timing right on the burb its the 5.7 and i been told it needs to be hooked up to a computer is it just an expensive scan tool or is it a program that i can download and hook up to my laptop any isight would be great thank you jay
  2. trapperdon

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    what year is your burb? your user name suggests 94 but your profile says 97...
    you only need a socket / ratchet & timing light.
    but if you dont disconnect the timing relay wire ( thin tan/ brown wire under glove box)
    then you'll never get it set right.
    this has been covered before in other posts for your vehicle.....
  3. somonenew1994

    somonenew1994 Member

    yes it is a 1997 but i looked for that little tan wire and never found it i have been told about it b4 and than other people tell me that it might be right under the hood on the same side still nothing
  4. NastyZ28

    NastyZ28 New Member

    You need a scantool that can display the CAM RETARD value. I have a couple scanners and I have HP tuners - none of them display CR.
    So when I was curious, I flipped $25 to a gentleman (friend) during lunch to put a GM Tech II on my truck and read CR. It was on 3. We adjusted it to "0". Spec is 0, +/- 2.

    I don't know of any inexpensive or free scanners that can read CR - only the expensive ones, which is why they want $$$$$ to plug in. I suggest the weasle method to get it checked if you need to check it. As a general rule - if the truck runs and doesn't set codes - you're in the right range.

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