project so far (2000 chevy silverado)

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    here is a quick view of what i have been working on. i have upgraded the charging system with a DC Power 300SPX (300+ Amps at 1800rpm, 220+ amps at idle), many feet of 1/0 high strand power wire from alternator to battery positive, battery to ground, and engine to ground. The alternator-battery charge wire is fused with a 250 amp fuse. when the new amp gets here i will upgrade to a 300 amp fuse. A yellowtop battery and 2 stinger volt meters (on the right hooked up to amplifier, left to alternator). in the near future i will be adding 2-3 kinetic d3100 batteries to power a DC Audio 5.0k amplifier (5000 watts rms) pushing 2 15" ascendant audio mayhems. then an aftermarket security system (i am very open to suggestions by the way). at the moment i just have 2 kicker 12" subs and a hifonics brutus 1100 watt amp. voltage drop is 0.2 at full tilt trying to cook the voice coils. not bad at all for just 1 battery! anyways. there she is. and please pardon the mess. i have been working on her and will get better pics and video when she is done.

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    Nice truck, you have been busy for sure. Can't wait to see the finished product. Good work. :great:
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    thank you! i will be starting a blog this week including pics and hopefully video if i can get it to work. and this thing finally came in. prototype DC audio 5.0k. 5000 watts of pure rms goodness. but for now i cannot use it :frown:

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    I wanna be able to hear it up here in NJ!!!!!!! :)
  5. bigbasschevy

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    i wish i could! but i will have video of it when it's all hooked up. im having a feeling there will be some flexing issues lol

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