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  1. After five years of beating my poor 06 silverado to all over the the place and racking up 320,000 kms on it, I wanted some more power and to start working towards an overhaul. It still needs to be a daily driver, go down back roads/bush, and embarrass a hemi or two, My friend built a 427 stroker with a trick turbo set up and I decided to see how cheap I could build my own turbo system. I used a set of ls header flanges, 3' skid 40 pipe, gm3 turbo, ebay complete intercooler kit with hks knock off BOV, knn air filter, ebay oil line kit. So here it is after a couple months of fabricating and ordering parts off ebay.
    manifold started
    Bolted down ready for welding
    prep work on the turbo
    fabing up the exhaust dump
    drilled and tapped the oil line
    every thing welded together
    fitting the manifold. required a little firewall/hammer love.
    turbo mounted up.
    intercooler mounted up.
    Things to come this week is finish the intercooler piping, drain line for the turbo, wiring for the mass air flow sensor, wideband and boost gauges, ignition wire protectors, re route the heater hoses and order the turbo blanket. total to date not including gauges and six puck clutch is 660$, this includes border fees to ship lots of this stuff to Canada.
  2. Enkeiavalanche

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    :great: Very nice write up and Pics.. Keep us informed....
  3. silverhobey

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    great initiative.....I don't think I would have a clue on how to perform the task(s) that you did.

    ditto to Enkei on the great write up and pics as well......Brian from Canada
  4. dsfloyd

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    great job and I'll be following the build:great:
  5. Thanks for the encouragement guys, its been difficult building this on a truck I have to drive every day, thankfully the 1.5' body lift saved me or the manifold wouldn't have fit. I'm running the manifold into my stock y pipe for now with the turbo blocked off so I can fit everything else in place while still driving it, then it will be just the down pipe, cross over pipe and tuning at the end.
    Ok so here she is, 2006 silverado 1500 4x4, reg cab, short box, 4.8l standard, current mods are: custom 3' magnaflow exhaust, CAI, helix power tower, efi live tuning.
    It needed a paint job when I bought it five years ago and is in alot worse shape now(paint, de-badging, lift, and other goodies to come). According to iphone dyno its average rwhp is 220 at 17.0 in the quarter. I will post results for power and total $ at the end.
    here is the spec 6 puck stage 3 clutch, not in yet.
    got the ignition wire savers in.
  6. yotchie

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    that looks sweet, great pic coverage. cant wait to see the results. hope we get to see a vid when its done
  7. I got a Little more done this week, heater hoses are re-routed
    Oil drain drilled and tapped.
    Oil line hooked up.
    I plan on doing intercooler plumbing, vacuum lines, waist gate and exhaust this week if all works out. Unfortunately Im going to have to run the waist gate wide open till the beginning of the month because my friends Dad took the efi live out of town for a month so cant tune until then. Also I lent my brand new innovate wideband to a friend cause he was having issues with his and he fried it hooking it directly to his battery and now have to wait for him to get me a new one. F@%K!!!!
  8. Tachyon

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    This is a cool project. I'm very interested to see how it all turns out. Don't forget to keep us updated!

    It's amazing what motivation and a real world budget can do for creativity. Keep up the great work. Take lots of pics.
  9. SurrealOne

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    Love it! I also feel your pain when it comes to working on a daily driver, @knightracer_08. When I'm modding I basically have to park the truck across a weekend and get a piece done on that weekend ... such that it's all buttoned up and ready to be driven the following Monday. This has been tough enough with some of the electrical, plumbing, and fab work I've done. I can't imagine tweaking the engine and fuel system in pieces and spurts.
  10. Hey sorry it's been a while but got lots done, unfortunately the other day while turning tightly my factory limited slip blew and took out my spider gears so I have ordered a Yukon dura grip. But here is what I've gotten done, waste gate actuator and intercooler piping done off turbo
    Intercooler piping from intercooler to throttle body done with blow off and maf sensor done
    The turbo blanket came in
    Unfortunately while trying to attach the blow off valve to the flange it cracked so I had to order a new blow off (hks knock off, didn't come with great parts and didn't fit well) so I will have to re-install the new one when it gets here. I will post some photos of the posi when it goes in. I need to get this done quick though cause work is ramping up again and days to work on it at the shop will be fewer. I will be starting the down pipe this week.

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