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Discussion in 'The Coffee Shop ~ Chit Chat' started by cascott325, Jun 7, 2009.

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    i was given an RCA projection television by my cousin. it worked fine when he had it, it worked fine for a few weeks after i got it. then one day it blinked off and back on, hmmm... thought nothing of it until it did it again a few min later but this time it turned off and wouldnt turn on until about 10 min later. we dealt with the problem for several weeks until my mom bought a new tv and gave us her RCA Scenium projection tv. i know for a fact that it worked wonderfully for them for several years. well it worked great for us untl yesterday when it shut itself off:grrrrrr:.

    i did notice with the old tv, that my fiance could be watching it for hours at a time, but no sooner than me sitting down in front of it, it would start acting up, not just once, but everytime i came into the room. i think it is me. i have some kind of magnetic field about me that my projection tv's hate. hooked up to the tv, i have as a control center is a yamaha surround sound vis component cables (the blue, green, and red ones). hooked into that is a dvd player, a ps2, and the sound for my satelite. hooked into the s-video on the tv is my satelite.

    i have seemed to notice that i can play my ps2 with no adverse problems, but when i am watching the satelite or a dvd, they both start acting up. i am getting desperate here. i have checked the voltage, the hetrz, and they all both in operating range. i am getting preturbed with this situation. can anyone please help me out
  2. cascott325

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    any ideas on anything folks?
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    I never had the problem with the shutting off part, but when I bought my new T.V. I had issues with the picture. I ended up ditching the standard AV/input jacks, and I replaced all of them with the gold plated cables. And with surround sound you really should be running gold plated cables, it gives you way better sound quality. The only thing I can say is the actual projection module might be bad, and if that's the case then you would be better buying a new one and getting away from projection style.

    Does the picture have dead spots on the side when it's running, if it does than the projector itself is going bad. Hope you figure it out.
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    the funny thing is, that the first one i had works fine at the guy whos house its at now. it has to be something in my duplex. my sound quality is excellent. i have everything ran by THX theater cables, there are no dead spots in the picture, i should get new bulbs, but i am afraid of opening up the tv due to capacitors within it. i guess i will have to find an appliance guy or something
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    I had a 52" RCA Scenium and it did the same thing. I called many service shops but no one would touch the thing. Circuit city refunded me my money and I upgraded to a Sony LCD projection. One of the service guys told me that this was a common issue and the simplest fix was to replace the tv. After labor just to diagnose the problem I could afford a new one anyways.

    Sorry for the bad news.

    Does yours have the built in DVD player? This is one of the reasons no one wanted to service it. 4 different shops told me this.
  6. cascott325

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