Projector headlights? Good or bad?

Discussion in 'Chevy Truck Accessories' started by Chad513, Mar 21, 2011.

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    I have the Black Eagle Eye Projector headlights with the Halo's and led lights around all of that it's the way i bought them they are top of the line but they costed me $390 bucks.. I was thinking about hid's but i really would just be happy with some blue halogen bulb's and the projector are brighter when going down the road yes but like Vincennes said they are only brighter in a certain length while driving the range isn't as wide when i had the stock one's with blue halogen bulbs but people also think i have my brights on with the projector's ha.
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    Is this why people flip me off when I drive by them? You don't need projectors...they sell an HID bulb that you can aim the beam.
    Thee is also hid flex bulbs
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    look even at your picture in your signature the scatter of the beam going all over the place
    kinda hurts the eyes to look at even in the picture

    sure they sell the hid bulb where you can 'aim the beam' but its not the same as the projector that directs the light to the proper place (on the ground)

    and yes they're illegal but if you want them brighter then do it proper and get the projectors

    fake hid

    12000K-HID-Kit.jpg looks so cool doesn't it?!

    beam.JPG hid in halogen (stock) housing see the scatter of the beam? that blinds oncomming drivers

    now proper hid:
    look at the crisp cutoff


    and herse a video about fake hid vs real hid
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    I dont know if Arizona has a law covering HID's themselves....they do on the color - it cant be blue. So ig your running 8K as I am or lower they are not going to hassle you. I have been behind cops and of course on coming with no problems. In fact they seem to be more concerned with my sound cop actually made the effort to stick his head out his window and yell " turn it down" as i drove past him as he was sitting in the turn lane.

    I use to have Xenon bulbs and was flashed even more often than with the HID. Anything brighter than the stock bulbs is going to bother some folks.

    I am not crazy about how the projectors look for my truck...but that could change any day I guess

    The HID kit I used by the way is DOT approved. I cant say if that really means anything or not.

    BTW..if your eyes hurt while looking at my sig you shouldnt be driving.....Canadians.... are they all wound as tight as yourself?!:gasp:
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