Pros and Cons of Transmission Coolers : Agree or Disagree?

Discussion in 'GM Powertrain' started by ChevyFan, Jun 12, 2013.

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    Apparently-the B&M #70266 bolts right in with the adapters w/o cutting any lines what so ever.
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    The only downfall to running a cooler is it may cause extended shifting weirdness in cold temperatures until the trans warms up.

    I've got a cheap small cooler on my Subaru Outback because I sit in heavy traffic every day...used off-the-roll generic tranny hose from the local parts house, have not had an issue in over 70k miles. I only added it because I already had the radiator out, and it was an easy addition (in other words: I don't know if it was even needed; it was simply a good time to install one).
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    If you're worried about blowing lines, B&M makes coolers with 1/2" fittings that you can buy some braided stainless flex hoses and use so you eliminate the possibility of a hose popping off, but based of so many people that have aftermarket coolers that haven't has a issue you should be fine.

    Also make sure you still go through the factory radiator cooler because in cold weather it helps bring the tranny up to temp.
    [MENTION=1]Steve[/MENTION] since you have a Traverse that has a Transaxle(axle that is part of the tranny) cooling is very important for you especially because you live in Texas! B&M is considered one of the best mfg of coolers in the US because they don't use tube and fin coolers they use only stacked plate coolers which are more efficient and much more durable. The Trucool is a stacked plate cooler as well.
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    Ive been running Aeroquip Pushlok hose for about 7 years now and its some good stuff but expensive. worth it!
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    Im also running a 40k true cooler. I live in arizona 115° HEAT i have a fully built truck and a 3000 stall, pulling a 18ft boat it the mountians and in the heat i never hit 190° with the 4l60 or the 4l80. Ive had mine for over 2 years and and i abuse it pretty bad and havent had one issue yet.
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    Also if your trans temp is heating up when the torque converter is locked, you have other issues to be worrying about.

    Mine can be 150* goin thru town and soon as i get on the highway or interstate and get the TC locked, the temps go down fast. 90* day they run about 120-125*.
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    That's good feedback.

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    OK-here is real life. As some of you know I am pulling a 29foot-5,500 pound travel trailer around the country with my 2011-5.3 Silverado 1/2 ton. It's completely stock. We are currently coming towards the end of the trip. I pulled from the Mount Rushmore area to a small town called Glendo, WY. We went over several 5,000 to 7,000 mountain passes. The ambient temp was 80 degrees. The transmission temp. was 195 except slowing down over the passes saw 210. It seems it cools down once you start to descend.

    I am getting the B&M 70266 transmission cooler. It's about double the size of the OEM. So my real world experience tells me it will provide enough margin AND it bolts up without cutting the lines.

    In seven months we have traveled 17,000miles. The total towing miles have been 6,500 with about another 600 to go before we reach home.
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