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    SIERRA B.K New Member

    Hi Guys new to the site. Just finally made my decision after shopping for some months, I purchased a 2011 GMC sierra 1500 4x4 everything is stock. I am now looking to get either a leveling kit or lift kit. For leveling kit I would either go with readylift 2.25" T6 leveling kit with either the 2" or 3" block or procomp 2.25' leveling kit with again either 2" or 3" block. Both brands come with u-bolt kit. Or go right into a lift kit with the tough country 3.5" suspension lift with upper control arm.

    Any opinions would be great. I haven't heard the best thing about rough country, but it is said they've fixed their issues. I would like to save up and buy and procomp or rancho lift. but all the lifts I've seen are getting into 4" and higher. And im not made of money. I don't really need a huge lift, this truck will be my daily driver. Im just getting the lift for looks and some fun times offroad (I live in the country near the Adirondacks in upstate NY). I will be keeping the stock tires on it for the time being, they are still fairly new and not gonna throw away good tires. I don't mind the rake look either, tis way better looking then having my ass end dragging. I really hate that.

    Just looking for something to give a nice step up and have a little fun from time to time.


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    or any other brand or options any one has to offer
  2. TimTom64b

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    I have a 2500hd with a ReadyLIFT leveling kit (w/keys) in mine with 2" blocks in the rear. I purposely have not cranked mine all the way... because I wanted to maintain a 1.5" rake for towing.

    Also, as with you I did not want a full on lift as my truck is a daily driver. With everything including 33" tires I can still get it in the automatic touch less carwash which is a plus in the winter...:)))

    SIERRA B.K New Member

    Thanks,for the response! Would the ready lift 2.25"F/1.75"R liftkit with either the tublar or uniball control arm be worth the purchase? Im not sure on the difference of tublar or uniball, like use wise.
  4. TimTom64b

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    I assume you are talking about the upper and/or lower control arms? Either will be an enhancement of factory... one benefit is the give you additional downward travel. From what I can tell with my setup the uca added a more semetrical line of travel... this is just what I can visually see via on the lift and on the ground.
  5. dunnowhat

    dunnowhat Member

    A friend of mine has a tough country 3.5" suspension lift kit with upper control arm. Well looks great, but he said its very bump.
  6. JimmyA

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    I installed the ready-lift on my truck and am a "HAPPY CAMPER"! I would do again! Check my garage.

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