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    I finally got tired of having my key get stuck in the start position so I took the time to make a push button start!

    I went to my local auto parts dealer which is located in an old has been bar and bought an indicator light, a black rocker switch and a green toggle which lights up (kinda). I then proceeded about 400 yards to the south east to purchase a push button. This all totaled about 15 dollars? Or so.

    I started by finding where the key rod went to. As this was new territory and I had never been there. I then located it and popped the connector off and used a wire tester to located the hot wires. I was not satisfied with that so I found an internet reference site to use. I found out what those wires did and wired them accordingly.

    I then took the dash and found some spade drill bits which work very nicely for plastic and poked some holes for the light, toggle and push button. The rocker needed a hole of it's own so I custom fitted it with the dremel.

    After I got the switches wired together and straightened out, I took the dash out which was starting to show its true silver coloring behind the black. I then found some spray paint that I had used on a metal bending project and placed some news paper on the floor. I then proceeded to lightly "mist" the dash and keep the runs to a minimum which is almost impossible, because I paint like a paraplegic... I thought of an idea to make the paint dry faster by using a heat gun which dramatically shortened my dry time.

    I then put it all back together and placed the switches in their holes. I test drove it over to the feedlot but a wire popped off the run switch. I then had to make an emergency fix which has proven to work great! At first I used a small bolt with the other wires on it with those round connectors, but I had all this weight on the switch which caused it to pull out of the terminal. So I took some extra wire I had in the truck and hooked it onto the blob and now it rests on a ledge somewhere below the dash.

    I now have a low quality phone video! Taken by my friend who has a Scottsdale a year older than mine, but has a 400 in it and is the K model. We exchange a lot of info and parts.

    Switch Legend.
    Amber Light = ON
    Black Rocker = On/Off switch
    Green Toggle = Starter Safety
    Silver Button = Starter

    [media]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=u2MT9dcaKNk[/media]NEW VIDEO!!! I shake a little when I run the camera...

    A new still I took.
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  2. retired2001

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    "Necessity is the Mother of invention" or something like that! Looks good!
  3. Springthing

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    Congrats on your install. I've often thought of switching one of my vehicles to a push button start. It just seems to race car-ish and different. I may just have to decide to do it one of these days!
  4. itsnitro

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    Very cool, you did a good job with that.
  5. 04sierracrewcab

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    sweet little stetup
  6. EagleTalons

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    Thanks everyone! Sometimes I like to pretend I'm a race car driver. =P I'm going to go out and get some better pictures of it and better quality video!

    Got the new media. Have a look!
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