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Discussion in 'The Coffee Shop ~ Chit Chat' started by bry2500, May 18, 2009.

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    So previously I had loaded down my truck with 4125 lbs of retaining wall blocks. I did this a couple of time and she handled it just fine. But Saturday I went to new levels of pain and suffering for my suspension. I drove almost 2 hours and loaded her down with 5670 lbs of concrete paving stones. We hand stacked 270 patio blocks in the truck and I put the midgate down and it had 900 lbs resting on it alone.It was in instant "redneck drop kit".

    The truck was a wee bit washy on the highway to say the least. And at 78 miles each way to the landscape supply store I only burned about $35 in gas. Not bad for a big block. Some where in the range of 10 mpg.

    The landscape owner said I can't fit 2 pallets in my truck, so I took it as a personal challenge. He said you'll break your truck. I told him that if you don't treat it like a truck the it's just a really big car. He walked away confused. But when he came back and saw the truck loaded he was amazed. I told him I didn't get 2 pallets in, I got 2 and a 1/4 pallets. He just chuckled.

    My Brother in law put a pallet in his Tacoma and my father in law had 3/4 palet in his Tacoma. It took 2 trucks wit 6 foot beds to accomplish what I did in a truck with compact bed. My hat's off to the GM engineer that made my truck.

    I took some pics of the truck loaded down. I'll post them when I get home from work.
  2. Springthing

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    That's my favourite line in that whole post! LOL I feel the same way about every car/truck... if you're not going to use it get rid of it.

    "It's pushing 600hp with a nitrous boost and can go 0 - 60 is under 4, handles corners like it's on rails, super shifter with a short clutch, power handling option with a twin turbo..."

    "Wow! Must be one hell of a ride..!"

    "Oh, I don't know.. heh heh heh... a car like this.. I don't dare drive it..."
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    I LOVE YOU MAN! thats great. i'm going to have to tell that to my uncle. he drives a big ole dodge ram dooley with the inline 6 deisel and has NO use for it. i went to get some top soil and i went up to the register building and said "i need 3 scoops of top soil" and he said "you got a dump truck?" "no, i have that beast over there" and he wouldn't let me pay for more than 1.5 scoops, which was 2100 lbs i beleive. i coulda done it.

    i got some air too. thats my little "to the limit" for the month. there was this really big and sudden dip in this neighborhood road that i go through to get to the interstate and i forgot about it. i was trying to get to the air port for a flight leaving in an hour and i was going 50 through the neighborhood. the dip came up and i didn't even think about it and i kept my speed up. i hit the dip and got some air. it was AWSOME. it scared the heck out of me though cause we bounced lol. the speed limit for the dip was 5mph.
  4. bry2500

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    There were some hairy spots on the highway where they were doing construction. I thought for sure I would bottom out. No prob though.

    so the speed limit for that dip was 5.0 mph minus the decimal point.:lol:
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    Hey when I was in Honduras I learned that a truck is not a really big car. It's a bus.... I couldn't believe the things they would fit in these trucks with raggedy wooden rails. There would be about 13 people (men, women, children, you name it) and a couple dogs and some chickens just rolling along in these little nissan pickups standing cheek to cheek in the bed. It was rather amazing, no matter how dangerous.

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