Putting on glass pack muffler on?

Discussion in 'Chevy Silverado Forum (GMC Sierra)' started by Curky, Jun 15, 2012.

  1. Curky

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    OK, for those of you that know me, you know I am no mechanic what so ever. I deed to replace muffler because I was told that something inside was broke. So, I want the more aggressive sound. Thinking of thrush glass pack, why because it is cheap and sound is what I am looking for looking for. I have noticed that they technically come for my truck; can I still put it on? with that said:
    (I know there are bends in the pip and it won’t line up right)
    What do I do? (Buy it and take it to a muffler shop and say I want this on there or Buy some adapters and attempt putting it on that way or go straight out the back instead of behind the wheel.
    What do you think?????
    It is 2008 4.3 V6 Ext Cab
  2. 08_rado_rocker

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    I've done some exhaust work in the past, but they were all complete bolt-on kits from the manifold back.

    What I would do:

    If you're sure that's the muffler you want, measure where your stock muffler is fitted now, then measure the Thrush (also check to see if they have varying sizes available to fit).. basically it's going to be a call you have to make based upon what you think you can handle. I have not yet messed with the exhaust systems personally on the NNBS pickups, I had mine done by Midland Muffler... so I can't tell ya what all you will need.

    Good luck on it bud, I hope you get the sound you're lookin for!:great:
  3. SupplySgt

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    Not a fan of glass packs myself (just personal preference). But this might be a good idea to dual it out. The 4.3 sounds pretty good. Most likely you'll need a 1 in, 2 out muffler to do that. One tailpipe going straight out the back looks way too ricey. If you don't want to dual it out though, a muffler shop can bend a new tailpipe for you and that's what they'll probably do if it won't line up. Exhaust piping is dirt cheap. I ran straight pipe on my 87 IROC from the cat all the way to the back of the car for something ridiculously low price out the door.
  4. Curky

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    cherry bomb 87046.jpg WOULD THIS HELP WITH THE ANGLES ON IN & OUT

    That’s what I was thinking. Because of the change the will be about 2” difference on the pipes on each side of the muffler. I could probable do it but then the tail pipe will be out of wake. just let the pros do it. i was trying to save money. THANK YOU
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