Putting red LED lights in a 02 silvrado dashboard

Discussion in 'Lighting Discussion' started by Jason2325, Jun 20, 2012.

  1. Jason2325

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    Ok so I saw a forum on this I'll leave a link below. But my Idea is to take the cassette player out and put in read LED lights with a clear cover cut out in the word ALLISON. I want to sync it with my dash lights to so I can dim it at will. The red led lights are no problem finding. I just need help with finding a clear cut out saying ALLISON and how I can sync it with my dash lights.


    Here is where I got the Idea
    dannycruz837-albums-illuminated+door+sills-picture140396-night-hella-bright.jpg 4976079_6.jpg And here is where I would like to put the LEDS (in the read highlighted area)
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    That is probably something you are going to have to make from a material like plexiglas. lightly scribe the logo backwards into the back of the piece, then paint it black. Drill holes to mount the LEDs into each edge of the plexiglas and insert an LED. Paint over the LEDs or in some way, block the LED so it doesn't let off any direct light. That should do ya.
  3. Jason2325

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    I get the hold mounting it into the Plexiglas but painting over the led so it does not let off direct light is foggy to me. I'm not getting what you are saying.

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