Quad steering?

Discussion in 'General Chevy & GM Tech Questions' started by peacekeeper, Sep 16, 2009.

  1. peacekeeper

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    Hi guys, I am looking to upgrade my 01 1/2 ton Suburban to an 03 3/4 ton Suburban which will be towing a camper. The new one has quad steering which I thought was cool at first, but then got to thinking...
    1-Have any of you had any problems with it???
    2-If it is so great, why did GM stop making it?
    3-I imagine it costs alot more to maintain and to repair (a whole other set of tie rods, etc...)
    Should I get it, or look for a truck without???? Thanks in advance, Jerry
  2. unplugged

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    I try to live by the KISS motto. Keep It Simple Sweethart! I like the idea of 4WS but like you I'd be worried about adding one more item to the maintenance list.

    Some people feel that way about 4WD. You have to consider the benefits vs the headaches.
  3. moosetags

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    Greetings from the Florida Panhandle

    I have two Quadrasteer Suburbans, an '04 Chevrolet and an '05 GMC. Both are 2500's as the 4 wheel steering option was only available on 3/4 ton Subs because this option required rear leaf springs. One of my quadrasteers has 60,000 on it and the other has 80,000 miles.

    Most of the mileage on both of these Subs was done pulling a 7400# Airstream travel trailer. With the Quadrasteer, I can put my 26' trailer in spaces not attainable with a mere mortal Suburban. I absolutely love the Quadrasteer. That's why I bought the second one as a back-up tow vehicle. We do 20,000+ miles a year of towing.

    I have not had any trouble with my 4 wheel steering rear ends. I do have them serviced as recommended, every 15,000 miles. I run in 4 wheel steering (either regular or towing) at all times. Once you get used to driving with Quadrasteer, driving any other truck is like driving a city bus.

    As far as why GM discontinued Quadrasteer, I think it was a matter of several factors. The initial cost in 2003 was very high. It was a $4995 option. They got it down to $1995 by 2005 (the last year it was offered). They also did not market it well. Also, Delphi was the designer and manufacturer of the Quadrasteer, they fell on hard times before the auto industry in general.

    Treat your Quadrasteer well and hang on to it if you can. Quadrasteer Suburbans are really quite rare. Some day they will be sought after, like a 1957 factory fuel injected Corvette.
  4. 2003 GMC Denali

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    Very few people have had issues with the QuadraSteer.

    You should be more concerned with the rest of the Truck, than the QS.

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