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  1. joshhungerford

    joshhungerford New Member

    :neutral:I dont really understand if the product you buy says 1-2 inches of front end lift, does that mean you can adjust it to 1 or 2 inches or 1.5. or whatever desired height?
  2. sharpshooterusmc

    sharpshooterusmc Rockstar 100 Posts

    u can adjust them however u like, u can most likely get more than 2 in out of them,considering the higher u go the more stress it puts on ur ball joints, cv shafts, and the rest of the front end, if u stay under 2 in though, u will be fine
  3. joshhungerford

    joshhungerford New Member

    thanks. what if the torsion bars are already raised 1 inch.
  4. devilsalmostfree

    devilsalmostfree Rockstar 100 Posts

    how high r u wanting to go? if ur tosion arent raised to full hieght, then u may just want to see if u can crank those up to another inch. or try ur luck with after market torsion keys, & take it to 2"'s
  5. joshhungerford

    joshhungerford New Member

    :lol:basically what i would like to do is raise the front another 2 inches and put a four inch block in the rear.
    the truck is level as it is.that would make it level. i'm just cheap.

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