Question about 2K Z71 suspension

Discussion in 'Chevy Silverado Forum (GMC Sierra)' started by ranco, Jul 8, 2014.

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    I posted this in Lifted and off road but received no responses.

    I just purchased a 2000 Silverado standard cab 4 WD with Z71 option. One of the former owners had air shocks installed but they were removed b4 I purchased it.The truck rides very harsh as if the tire were inflated to 60 psi (at 32-34 psi.). Is this normal for the vehicle or is there a different shock that I can install? I cannot read the manufacturer of the shock installed but it does not look like the springs were changed (3 leafs in rear). I have owned and worked on Chevy (and Ford) trux for many years but never driven one with this hard of a ride. Suggestions please.
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    welcome to GMTC! Is it a 2500 or a 1500? Bilstein shocks are the brand that everyone is happiest with
  3. ranco

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    I also had a response from another site to back off the torsions bars.

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    the harsh ride maybe due to the torsion bars cranked to the max. what I have done is adjust the torsion bars until the cv joints are straight. this is then the correct height. do this with 1/2 tank of fuel.. vehicle on level ground. bounce the front end at each turn of the adj stud. mark the stud head with some white paint stripe. turn stud 1 turn at a time until the height looks correct with the CV joints .

    the procedure is called the Z adjustment. this is using the lower ball joint and the control arm to get a measurement. problem is it is difficult to do .

    the shocks I have are now the bilstiens. these are firmer that stock and last a very long time. the OEM shocks lasted only 60,000miles I now have 150K plus. still nice ride good control about 100 each.

    when my truck had 6000 miles on it the torsion bars needed adjusting. front end dropped. also the toe was off due to the sag. it has been 14 yrs since I adjusted and still good ..I guess the bars take a set when new..

    If you do find the height too high and drop it down a bit , then make sure the toe alignment it correct...

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