Question About Fuel Pump Pressure??

Discussion in 'Chevy Silverado Forum (GMC Sierra)' started by johna20376, Mar 4, 2013.

  1. johna20376

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    01 Silverado runs fine just decided to check fuel pressure. It idles with 50 Psi . Is this too low? I also check fuel regulator to make sure it wasn't leaking and when I pulled the vacuum line off while it was running pressure increase to 58. Is this normal for pressure to go up when you unplug vacuum line from regulator? No fuel in vacuum line! Fuel pump was replaced about 60,000 miles ago. Truck now has 124,000. Thanks for your help
  2. j cat

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    53-62psi is the proper range. if at idle its 50psi it is a little low.. below 50psi it will not start good. can also get the p0300 engine failure code. removal of the vac line to reg will cause the pressure to rise 5-8 psi this is normal. when cranking engine this creates more fuel pressures on start. when the engine is idling the reg has max vac this is to reduce pressures because the engine requires less fuel to run at idle. when you go to WOT the vac drops to almost zero then you get max pressures. replace the fuel filter and the fuel relay. recheck the pressures. if still low then the pump may need replacing. at idle the pressure should be around 55psi..
  3. johna20376

    johna20376 New Member

    Thanks replaced filter and fuel pressure regulator and it raised it to 50. Will keep an eye on it. Thanks again

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