question about tire size and speedometer readings

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    I just bought a 1999 4.8 Liter Silverado and I am taking the 3 inch body lift off my truck and keeping the 6 inch suspension lift but ive heard you can lower that about two inches with some kind of key so basically i am going to have a 4 inch suspension lift so my questions are...

    What is the biggest tire I can run? I currently have 35's on a 9 inch lift and i dont want that big of tires. I am wondering if stock wheels would look too small on the 4 inch lift.

    And... how bad will my speedometer be off if i decrease tire size from 35's to whatever you all recommend? I was told by the previous owner the speedometer was calibrated to run the 35's and have the correct MPH. whether thats true or not i dont know

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    I would just leave the 35's on if u only lower 2 inches !!!! hell....i had 33's on my burb with just tweaking the torsion bars and 2 inch blocks in the rear !!!

    So 7 inches should be plenty of room for 35' the stock tires ...HAHAHAHAHAHA , dont do it ..looks more then goofy !
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    I would step down to 33s if you really arent happy with the 35s... And you can have the speedo recalibrated or else buy yourself a programmer that will allow you to recalibrate it yourself, as well as add more power and fuel economy.
    There are a ton of threads about programmers here on the site if you are curious.

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