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Discussion in 'Chevy Silverado Forum (GMC Sierra)' started by Barnettamb, Dec 30, 2012.

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    I have a question about towing our 3038e john deere tractor. Unfortunatly my dad drives an 09 f150 four door with the 5.4 L v8. The tractor weighs 2, 175 pounds and easily fits onto a uhaul car haul trailor. would we need trailer brakes if we were only taking it down the highway about 50 minutes with little braking.
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    Last time I rented a Uhaul car trailer, they were VERY picky. They looked my truck over with a scrutinizing eye, checked my tires for cracks and they checked my brakes as well as all my lights. It's going to be up to them really, If they don't catch the fact that you don't have a brake controller. Good luck!!
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    This depends entirely on your state's laws. In NC (where I am), for example, brakes are not required on trailers with less than 4000 lbs ... and even then only on one trailer axle if the trailer is a one or two axle trailer. (Three or more axle trailers must have brakes on all axles.) If, however, I took the same load into TN, the law there requires trailers with 1500 or more lbs to have brakes.

    So, check your state laws to find out if you must have a trailer with brakes for the load you intend to tow...

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    Yes, the Uhaul car carrier trailers all have surge brakes so you don't need anything special on your truck.

    Laws do vary from state to state but in most jurisdictions you need trailer brakes of some kind for anything over 3,000 pounds with a few states having lower limits.
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    Just as an FYI to anyone... If you want to rent any kind of trailer from U-haul, don't show up in a Mountaineer or an Explorer... They WILL NOT rent it to you.
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    thank you for all of the responses. they were very helpful.

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