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  1. db3812

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    What is the going rate for the 18 inch wheel on the 2011 silverado. Got some new wheels on my truck and have a guy at the tire store interested in my stock 18 inch factory wheels?

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    For Just a Set of Factory 18in" Chevy Silverado Rims Only, they are going for around......$600.00/$800.00......below is a link from E-Bay for a set of 18in" Silverado Rims,
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    I sold a set for $450 and should have asked for more. Sold on Craig's list in 1 day. Start at 800 like mike said and you have room to wiggle.
  4. db3812

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    Ok. Well I'm gonna post them on here and ask $800 then. So anyone interested message me. Or call me on my cell 678-618-9561. Only looking for local pickup north of Atlanta Georgia.

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  5. db3812

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    Can the administrator remove this post. I have another post with the same wheels for less.


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