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    Im thinking about doing a 3 in body lift on my truck ... is there a specific brand that is good to do or are the cheap ebay ones good? Is it pretty simple to install without a car lift? Need some help on this to decide if I'm gonna do it or not
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    very easy to install. I can do one in a few hours, but allow yourself a full day if you have never done one. You need no hoist. Just some basic tools, a bunch of blocks of wood, a floor jack, and a friend to help. There are tons of lifts out there. The difference between the cheap no name brands and the more expensive brands are things like: Material used for blocks, replacement bolt quality, bumper brackets included in the better kits. I have a performance accessories kit on my 95. I have installed a bunch of different brands. I like performance accessories and trail master kits the best. A few of the trailmaster kits I installed came with aluminum blocks. So, I say look at what comes in the cheap kit. Does it have front and rear bumper brackets? some only come with front brackets. Does it have the proper hardware to modify your fan shroud? Does it come with a steering shaft extension piece? If you have the 4x4 shifter on the floor, does it come with an extension for that rod? (many times never installed because it will work without it in most cases and many of them involve welding to install). You may also want to look at "lift lips" or something like that , they cover the gaps created by the body lift.
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