Questions about my suspension.... 2003 Silverado 2500HD....

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  1. nfs13b

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    Hello All,

    I have some questions about the suspension on my 2500HD. Unfortunately I am from Australia where there are not a lot of these cars around so I cant just take a look under another one to get some answers....

    First question:
    With my rear leaf springs I have 4 springs which are all held together then a 5th small spring at the bottom that seems ot only be held there by the U bolts holding it to the diff. I have attached a picture.. Is this normal?


    Second question:
    If I got lifting blocks for the rear (and torsion keys for the front) would it replace the block that sits between the diff and the springs or does it go somewhere else (reason I ask is cause that one already seems quite large)

    Third question:
    when I go over bumps at the front, the car sometimes seems to drop and almost bang, when I looked under the car the bump stops were sitting on the control arms so I wound the torsion bars up most of the way but when you sit in the car the bump stops are basically back to almost touching the control arms again.... Do I need new shocks or new torsion bars or will torsion keys fix it?

    Fourth Question:

    Is this a good kit to get :

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  2. stephan

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    1. yes this is normal. It's the overload spring for when you're hauling heavy loads

    2. No you do not put the aftermarket block someplace else. That is the stock block that you see, & the aftermarket block would take it's place, & you can not stack your aftermarket block on top of it. It's dangerous.

    3. You don't say how many miles are on your truck, but your torsion bars are either sacked out from high miles & heavy beating, or they need to be cranked up more. The previous owner may have cranked them down. I know you cranked them up some already, but they need to go more.

    4. I have not done a kit like that so I can't answer if it's a good one but someone else will be along who can give you an opinion..
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  3. nfs13b

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    Hey Stephan,

    Thanks for the reply, so the 3inch lift block replaces that stock one? from the pictures of the lifting blocks they seem to all just be squares that dont have the cut outs for the diff tubes...

    In regards to the miles on the truck, when it gets to Australia that reset the speedo to convert it to km, it has done 34,000kms since being in Australia. I believe previous to that it had done about 80,000miles. I have cranked up the torsions bars pretty much as high as they will go, thats why I was looking at the torsion keys to try to get even more lift...

    New questions now: How do I check if my torsion bars need replacing?
  4. stephan

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    I just looked at your pic again & I don't see stock blocks in there. I can't see it real good but it looks like just the spring pad welded to the axel housing. You lift blocks would go between the bottom spring & the top of spring pad. This would all be held together with longer U bolts.
    Torsion bars. That doesn't seem like a lot of miles to have worn out your bars. I would try winding them up as far as you can go & if the truck isn't high enough for you, then I would go with the keys.
    I don't know if there is an actual test to see if your torsion bars are worn out. There may be a tool to measure the twist versus the resistance, but if you get the keys & lift it & then it starts sagging within a year, then the bars are shot.

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