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    I rely on the opinions of the members of this site quite often. I read the forums everyday and have gained much valuable information. But there are a few things that I question. In researching future mods for my truck I have come across conflicting information.

    Throttle Body Spacers: Some people swear by them, some say it's a waste of money. Just read on another forum that a guy picked up .2 in the 1/4 with just a TB spacer.

    Aftermarket MAF sensor: Same deal, had a guy on here tell me it was a waste of money, and have read elsewhere that people have picked up power and mileage.

    Aftermarket Throttle Body: About identical to MAF, read on here where it was a waste, but elsewhere read that it benefitted others by power and mileage.

    I realize different vehicles respond differently to mods, but to read 2 completely different views on the same item seams odd. What gives?
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    TBS - Unless you have $90 to throw away I'd say its not worth it. I picked up slightly better throttle response

    MAS - If you couple that with a new CAI that will allow the engine to breath better and would give you pretty good bang for your buck.

    I have no idea about a new throttle body.
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    i think peeps put "stuff" on the engine thinking its the key.ITS NOT. remember no replacemet for displacement!!!! a 6.0 isa 6.0 MINT!:party:the new gm are like a playstation game..add this to add that.then you see it .get a cam get some heads..oh wait the computer....ahhh yes the computer.effn comp gotta compensate for the has to .IT IS ITS JOB!

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