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  1. G.A. Heath

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    I need a proportioning valve for my Suburban and I am hoping that someone knows what will interchange (if any) before I go to the u pull it in the next town over . My suburban is a 91 4x4 with rear ABS . If you know where I can actually find a new unit relatively cheap (read less than $200) I am more than open to that suggestion. The proportioning valve and the ABS valve are mounted on a bracket that is secured to the master cylinder and booster assembly. I have attached an image showing the location on my 'burb[​IMG]
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  3. G.A. Heath

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    I'd never recommend using brake parts from a salvage yard. Some states even have laws regarding the sale of certain salvaged parts. I think it'd be much safer to suck it up and pay the cost for an OEM chevy or aftermarket part. This is a good place www.chevyclub.org
  5. G.A. Heath

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    I would really like to find the OEM component, but its no longer in production. A direct OE replacement component (new manufacture or reman) is not available, and the $200 limit is imposed as I located a place that will rebuild the current proportioning valve for $150 plus tax (so I figure $200 will cover a new unit) but will not warranty the work (So they won't be doing the job). On the ABS system I do not want to mess with aftermarket components as they are usually "adjustable" and I do not want them comming out of adjustment just as I am forced to slam the brakes on to avoid hitting a vehicle running a stop sign or something.
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    Are you reffering to the valve which is located just under your master cylinder in the picture? Is your Burban a 1500 or 2500? What engine do you have? If I know that info I may be able to steer you in the right direction.
  7. G.A. Heath

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    Yes it is the valve below the master cylinder. Its the V1500,with the 350 (5.7L). One salvage yard shows the 2wd, 4wd, for 1500 and 2500 series Suburbans to all interchange, but with not with any other GM product.

    I may have found a NOS item from one of my parts sources for another vehicle and will order it when I can confirm it is correct.

    Edit to add: It seems the GM dealer I called earlier regarding the part may have been mis-informed or too lazy to look up the part I need. I called a better known (Scoggin Dickey) dealer and they seem to think they can get one.
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    OK, www.gmpartsclub.com sells the part you are looking for. It's called an ABS modulator and they sell it for $112.00. It is Raybestos part #ABS570078. If you want OEM get the GM part number and then go to www.chevyclub.org They will sell you the part for a lot less than the chevy dealer. Hope this helps
  9. G.A. Heath

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    Actually the ABS modulator is directly behind the proportioning valve in that picture.
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    Oops, now I know why it didn't look quite like the valve in your picture.

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