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    How do I get the driver door LATCH disconnected from the rods? I have everything else out and pulled back. The clips are holding the rod like a starving alligator.
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    Just to add to the info:

    I got the rods off by inserting a flat scewdriver into the clips and forcing them open a bit, then using pliers I forced the end of the rods through the hole (one jaw against the rod tip, the other against the clip). I wrestled the latch out through the access hole right below it.
    I cleaned and lubed the latch mechanism (several times) and it seems to work as it should. All the rod connections will activate their respective levers and those will activate their respective alter-direction levers. From the outside handle lever the spring loaded "cam" will push the latch release part past the latching piece, and it will open the door (simulated). From the innner handle rod lever it will push the "cam" far enough to push the latch release piece out of the way of the latching piece. It is, however, very, very stiff.
    I attached the inner rod to see how much travel it requires....only about 3/8" horizontally to move the lever enough to move the "cam" and release the latch. The inner handle actually looks solid, and it has much more travel ability than what is required to move the latch lever 3/8". The inner handle stuck out a little before I started this adventure, but would move fully inward by pulling the rod toward the latch. Ie, the handle doesn't seem to be the problem because it can move fully. I put pressure on the handle lever on the inside while I moved the handle to see if it bent or "gave way". It didn't. So, maybe the handle is ok (of course..that's the cheapest part of the mix).
    I cleaned and inspected the inner rod. Seems ok, but I have no way of knowing just how long it should really be due to the numerous bends. I also have no way of knowing if it is "giving way" (flexing?) too much to force proper movement of the latch lever(s). I guess I'll have to find a new one to compare it with.
    Back to the latch: Since I don't know how stiff this mechanism is supposed to be without being installed and set up properly I guess I'll have to find a new one of these (probably at a dealer since no one local seems to have new ones) and play with it. I have heard of sloppy or worn out springs, but this does not seem to be the problem since it takes a lot of pressure to move the parts by hand. Maybe too much pressure. BUT.....BUT...if it so stiff and pushes back so hard against manual operation, why doesn't it push the inner rod back far enough to fully close the inner handle??????
    The outer handle worked and returned to its position perfectly (at least it did before I got hold of and took it out). Soooooo..the outer handle does everything correct, but the inner portion of the mechanism resisted complete opening operation...even though they appear to work with sufficient pressure manually. Maybe it is that dang rod. I should be so lucky!


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