Rack and Pinion Steering Leak - 2007 NBS, Anyone Fixed One?

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    I didn't see much in the way of rack and pinion posts here, but maybe I'm a failure at the search tool? I am looking into how to repair a leak in my rack and pinion steering. 2007 Silverado 1500 NBS, 5.3-LY5, 4WD. It looks like the leak is either from the yoke adjustment:
    or from just behind it, against the crossover frame brace where I can't see. I can't see any oil from above. Has anyone here repaired one of these? I seem to remember reading something awhile back (now I can't find it) about that adjustment screw having a gasket that you could replace, along with a bunch of spacers. There was something about removing the screw and having an assistant start the truck, turn the wheel real quick and shutting it back off; which should blow all the bits out of the bottom? That seems unusually sketchy to me. The parts store has a rebuild kit for $40, which sounds like a good deal to not loose a major component if it blows a seal fully.
    How hard is this to rebuild / repair? Has anyone ever dug into one or is it typical to just replace the entire system?
    Thanks guys!

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    I just had a thought. The hydraulic lines were buried by parts and difficult to check when I saw the leak. I may wait for today's snow to melt and check the fittings by the pinion tomorrow afternoon. They may be the cause of the leak?
    And I'm still not sure if the screw at the bottom is for yoke adjustment or is just a drain plug. I couldn't see anything about it in my Chilton, other than how to remove the entire assembly

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    OK, I found some more info regarding this leak for others future reference. My local dealer parts counter will sell the hoses, they're between $40 and $50 each, and there is two of them. They come in a few different styles depending on male / female threads and rack design (old or new, whatever that means). The only way to know what you need is to take it off and bring it in to the parts shop. I was told they can typically overnight the part unless it's back-ordered.
    I also found a TSB on leaky power rack and pinion steering systems. I've tried to copy/paste the full TSB but I've hit my character cap. I've linked to the forum I found it on here: http://www.gm-trucks.com/forums/topic/76962-nbs-gmc-08-steering-rack-fluid-leak-anyone/

    Also, Linked is the only thread I found here with similar problems documented:

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    Ok, I changed my front brakes last night. With the rotors off it was much easier to see the leak. It's coming from the same "alan wrench" area that many other racks leak from (Circled red) in the main:
    Rack and Pinion Complete Unit.jpg
    The lower portion may be leaking too, or the oil may be running up under the lip due to wind at driving speeds. Either way, my understanding is this leak is non-repairable and the entire rack & pinion assembly must be replaced. I'll probably do my tie rod ends at the same time...
    Maybe I'll upgrade those stock shocks as well? Rancho has a rebate right now...

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    All parts ordered. Rancho 9000 series going in too with quick lift. Out the door parts cost me $700
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    Replacing the R&P was pretty easy, took a few hours... the shocks kicked my arse...
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    Glad you got it fixed

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