radiator seam leak?

Discussion in 'General Chevy & GM Tech Questions' started by netminderone, Jan 19, 2011.

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    My 1998 k-1500 4.3, 229,000 miles just started to drip from a seam below the filler. I just put new water pump in 2 weeks ago. I turned the cap back to relieve some pressure & it stopped. Any suggestion's? will it be all-right? dosen't over-heat. should I put some radiator sealer in it? by backing off the pressure, will it hurt my Vortek? Been snow plowing big time this winter & want what's best for my work-horse, what can I use to quick fix til I have time to put new radiator in it, with out hurting my motor cooling system?
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    Sadly there is no quick fix,
    Sealer will just plug everything up including your heater core
    Low pressure especially with a plow will cause it to heat up more than your temp guage will show and loose pressure.
    IT actually takes less than an hour to change a radiator. And that is the best options especially since your tranny uses the radiator for some cooling and with a plow that is important as well. I live in northern MN and see people with this problem a bit, and there really is no "quick" fix.

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