Radio fades out after 2 secs

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  1. YotaLuver

    YotaLuver Former Member

    New guy to the site. Just spent an hour reading/searching for an answer to my problem; couldn't find one so here it goes:

    I have a '99 4X4 Chevy Suburban LT, 5.7L, auto, leather, 1st Gen OnStar with 179,000+ miles. I bought it at 3 years old with 50,000 miles and have driven it on some long road trips and it has never let me down.

    Now to my problem: Recently the Delco radio model 09354155 (AM/FM cassette, remote located CD) went from a minor static noise interrupt to full dead sound...pounding on the dash in frustration could cause it to return to normal, however, over the past week that hasn't fixed the problem ( I was thinking a ground/short wire somewhere???).

    Here's what I've done to trouble shoot. Checked all fuses, connections, grounds and replaced to head unit with one out of a '98 Silverado. Now, the radio will come on for about 2 seconds and fades away to nothing. I have searched for the mysterious amplifier under the dash, under the seats, in the rear and only found (and removed) the OnStar amp behind the glove box. I did find a small amp looking box in front of the rear wheel well inside the jack area, but it appears to have power and all rear speakers have power however the twitter in the driver's door appears to have a ground.

    My mechanic friend (yes it's possible to have a friend that is honest mechanic) thought there was an amp somewhere but wasn't 100% sure exactly where the thing was.

    Does the Delco radio require a good signal from the OnStar amp?

    Where exactly is this amp???

    Should I can all of this and put in an aftermarket unit and deal with all that hassle. I have installed several units, so this does not faze me in the least.

    The funny thing is I only listen to talk radio mostly, except when the wife is riding along.

    I looked into a HD radio setup from Best Buy. Has anyone tried out on of these?

    Sorry for the long write-up, I'll probably catch some grief, however, this is really starting to bother me.

    Thanks in advance.
  2. YotaLuver

    YotaLuver Former Member

    Option B taken

    Well, for those of you that care I have found the elusive amplifier...wait on was hiding in plan sight: below the blower fan on the passenger side, inside it's own little black box (Delco Electronics part number 09366719). When I get some time I will pry it open and take a look see.

    As I was following the wiring for the stereo and OnStar system it led to the mysterious black box and a couple hours later I have a new JVC HD radio installed and all of the old OnStar wiring torn out. I still have to decide to wire an amp or just run new wires to connect the rear speakers. I believe I will run new wires to the cut wires from the OnStar connections. Not a big deal, just hope the sound is a descent quality.

    Sorry I couldn't wait for any "experts" from the board, but I needed radio.

    This is a great forum for info; I plan on visiting it often.

    Don't hate because I love old Toyota 4X4 trucks. My first truck was a 1951 Chevy 1/2 ton, followed by a 3/4 ton Chevy Delivery Van (Shagging Wagon). So my first love will always be Chevrolet. I really dislike all things Ford and Dodge related.

  3. YotaLuver

    YotaLuver Former Member

    Help with rear ceiling speakes

    I have the JVC radio installed with front and rear door speakers working fine, howvever, the rear ceiling speakers are not working.

    How do the speakers connect up front? Where can I tap into and connect?

    Thanks in advance.
  4. dsfloyd

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    the aftermarket was definately the way to go. Unfortunately I don't know how the ceiling speakers are wired. I would assume they were spliced or split into the rear wiring. If not too difficult I would try to follow the wiring.

    and no hating on the toyotas. the first truck I bought was a 90 toyota 4x4. Great truck.
  5. YotaLuver

    YotaLuver Former Member


    Yes the radio sounds great and it really doesn't bother me too much that the ceiling speakers are not working. I will probably buy some replacement speakers or just run some new wires and splice into the rear door speakers.

    Still can't find any website with a good diagram of the wiring of the speakers.

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