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Discussion in 'Member Introductions' started by Ebooth, Feb 23, 2014.

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    Hi, new to the forum, I am looking for some advice for my 2008hd 2500. Radio began acting funny, cutting on and off, power button does not work, none of the buttons work except top right knob which will only move back and forth to the trebble and balance. It is litterally stuck on the same radio channel, none of the other buttons or knobs work. Thanks Eric
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    Most the time when a radio does what you are describing it needs to be replaced. You could try disconnecting your battery for a while and see if it works after reconnecting it. Sometimes odd electrical issues are solved by doing this. You may find some radio repair places on ebay that can fix it. Most small mom and pop radio repair shops are no more. If you decide to buy a new one, be careful! A used radio will be locked to the original truck's vin and will not work in yours unless you take it to a dealer to unlock it. I have seen prices to unlock them between $50 and $250. You might be better off just installing an aftermarket radio like the advent OMG1
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    Welcome to the forum! I am sorry to learn that you are experiencing an issue with your vehicle. I understand that you are seeking advice from your fellow forum members. I might not be able to give you any technical advice but I would be happy to look into this concern if you find you cannot resolve this issue yourself. Please private message me if I can be of any assistance.

    Jennifer T.
    GM Customer Care

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