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    I have a 2000 Silverado 1500 with the single am/fm cd player. The problem I am having is it shuts down on its own and resets clock and all presets. I found a mouse nest under the power center shroud under the hood. the buggers ate 3 wires and 2 were touching of the 3. I would like to know what the 3 wire go to but I am not having any luck tracking down a wire diagram. Does anyone here have a wire diagram for the break out connectors from the main fuse box? Its a connector with about 10 to 12 wires coming out of it. The colors of the 3 are grey/black, gren/black and blue.

    I atached some pics of it.

    Maybe these dont have anything to do with the radio but I am curious.
    I attached another radio to the same power leads and ground as the bad radio and when the bad radio fails the god one stays running and does not reset. I think the radio is bad from this test. All connections through the plug on the back of the radio are good too.

    Thanks, Dave

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