Radio swap question... Tahoe 6-disc changer into Colorado

Discussion in 'Audio, Video & Gadget Tech' started by amorgan014, Oct 21, 2009.

  1. amorgan014

    amorgan014 New Member

    I have a 2008 Colorado with the single CD/AM/FM/XM radio and I have Onstar*. Would I be able to put a 6 disc changer that came out of a 2004 Tahoe with XM and Onstar* into my truck without any additional wiring and without disabling my onstar? :eek:uch:
  2. Shooter

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    I would say no.
    Simply because the 2004 probably has the "analog onstar system" in it, and your 2008 is digital.
    Onstar completely stopped supporting their analog signal 2 years ago at the begining of the 07 model year. If you buy a used vehicle from a dealer now you get 3 months of onstar service for free. I have not been able to sign up anyone with a vehicle older than a 2005 in the last year or so. In 2005 the vehicles came with a digital/analog combo radio. Prior to that they were all analog would be my guess, or they should be able to get the free signal for 3 months and so far nothing has been able to that is older than the 2005.
    Also, as far as I know onstar is vehicle specific. So pulling one out of one car and changing it over it would still look to onstar as if it was the 2004 on the road and not the 2008, if it worked at all, which I doubt.
    We used to be able toactually install onstar in a car until digital came out in 2006, since then it has not been possible for us to do it.
    Hope that helps you out.
  3. amorgan014

    amorgan014 New Member

    ugh...not what i wanted to hear lol. i spoke with a few guys that i used to work with (i worked in the parts dept of a chevy dealer until a few months ago) and they said that everything should plug in, it just might need to be reprogrammed...but i didnt think about the digital/analog thing...damn... well i guess i will just have to plug it in and see what happens! (i already bought it... it was inexpensive tho)
    thank you for your reply!!!

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