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Discussion in 'Audio, Video & Gadget Tech' started by Gldalme, Nov 26, 2013.

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    I have a '06 Yukon XL with Bose and I wanted to swap the radio out with an '09 silverado radio that has the aux input and 6 disc. It is not straight forward at all. The clips don't match and the antenna plug is different also. Any words of wisdom to help me make this swap?
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    Welcome to GMTC. I have moved your thread to the audio, video & gadget tech subforum for better results.

    You might have some other issues doing this swap. I am sure that you can pretty easily fabricate an adapter plate of some sort to resolve the clip issue. Do the clips line up with an existing bracket or something that you can take a dremel tool to and make the proper holes for the new clips? You can probably get an aftermarket adapter for the antenna. My concern would be that the newer radios store vin numbers to help discourage theft. So, lets say that you find one unlocked (pretty easy on ebay, or a dealer can do it for about $150) I would be concerned that the new radio would not interface with the pcm on the 06 yukon correctly. Therefor being inoperable. Hopefully someone will come along that has answers to these concerns.
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    Thought about going wire for wire to see if that would work. I'd have to get two wire harnesses and then splice them together. And get the radio unlocked. Not sure that would work though.

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