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    I have a 2005 Suburban. I hear a chirping sound (like the alarm chirp) at random times while driving. It it intermittent and random. It sounds like it is coming from in the dash. Sometimes while I turn the car off it chirps slightly 3 times. The last episode was while driving a long trip. It started chirping about every 30 seconds. I pulled over, turned the car off, restarted and the chirp dissappeared. I need help.
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    Get a helper to ride with you and bring an empty paper towel roller.

    Then have helper place tube to ear and point the other end different directions to find the exact location of the sound.

    Then you can take apart the dash and find the exact part causing the noise.

    Or get a GM Factory Service Manual set and read through it and try to figure out what part is there.

    Or take it to a GM dealer and point to where the noise is coming from.
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    Solutions to Random Chirping sound from dashboard

    Hydraulic boost pressure something or other. See Norman Frede Chevy in Clear Lake City Texas.

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