Random misfire 97 silverado

Discussion in 'GM Powertrain' started by 97silvy, Sep 10, 2009.

  1. 97silvy

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    Just get sparkplugs right?
  2. mrfixdit

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  3. 2COR517

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    Plugs are a good idea. AC Delco platinums gapped at .040. The smaller gap might fix the problem by itself. If the rest of the ignition is old, or unknown age, you would be well served to replace the cap & rotor with AC Delco. Napa premium wires are nice too.

    I would also clean the TB, MAF, IAC before hand, and run some Seafoam through the system.

    Here's how.

    http://www.gmtruckclub.com/forum/showthread.php?t=25593&highlight=induction cleanup

    You'll be amazed how nice the truck runs.
  4. 97silvy

    97silvy New Member

    well i replaced the plugs. still idles like crap. a buddy said it is the Fuel pressure regulator. because he opened the throttle body and smelt raw gas. the part is under the intake manifold correcT?
  5. mrfixdit

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    random misfire

    Do your troubleshooting before just throwing parts at it.( http://www.random-misfire.com/ ) A vacuum leak could make it call for more fuel to compensate for the lean condition. You are more likely to get a misfire on lean conditions than rich ones. How did the old plugs look when you changed them? Have you been experiencing any unexplained loss of antifreeze over time? Does it run well when heavy into the throttle and/or at higher RPMs?
  6. zachh1020

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    When mine was giving the Random Misfire I replaced both knock sensors, plugs and wires (about $200 total) before I figured out it was all caused by a plugged catalytic converter. One day it got so bad I couldn't even go over 30 mph without the tachometer redlining! :gasp: Pulled over on the highway and there was NO air coming from the left side of my exhaust. I just got both cats cut off. ($60.00) It being clogged ended up damaging the piston rings on the left bank and now I have compression issues.

    Check your exhaust.
  7. 97silvy

    97silvy New Member

    thanks ill check my exhaust
  8. 97silvy

    97silvy New Member

    well found the problem. my distributor cap had a crack in it and my rotor cap was bad =/
    but it is still running real rich how do i fix that? like when i turn my truck off it doesnt smell right, i wanna say gas but i don't know.
    when i seafoam it. it will idle like normal correct? its idle is a bit shaky at the moment
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