Random thought on a build for a retardedly awesom truck.

Discussion in 'General Chevy & GM Tech Questions' started by LoneWolf'burban, Mar 13, 2011.

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    About a 1992 S-10/S-15 body and frame with borderline wild twin turbo 262 c.i. V-6 with a Silverado AWD system. I call it, Psy-Clone. No badges or identifiers denoting the heart of the truck other than two scoops on the hood over the turbos to help keep them cool. Don't know if that's a good idea since it could mess with the air coming through the radiatoror and intercooler. Just thinking outside the box.

    Corvette shift servos and shift kit (not real wild, just reinforcing trans strenght and firmer shifts) on a 4L60 trans with a Hurst Pro-Matic Shifter II choosing the gears.
    Sonoma Gt style body kit, lowered front and back slightly with a level stance. 5 spoke alloy non directional rims with Goodyear Eagle GT tires that poke out even with the fender flares. Equal size front and back. Rear roll pan with vette tail lights, shaved and filled stock tail lights. Suicide doors.

    And of course the custom interior. Sparco style seats with harnesses, center console with speakers, small LED accent lights wired to the dome light switch that light up the floor board and low nooks and crannies. Grant Gt 4 spoke steering wheel. Tilt and telescoping steering column. Updated gauges, with boost and trans temp gauges over the stereo to the right of the main bezel.

    And finally as an extra that really not needed but looks cool, flame thrower in the exhaust.

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    That sounds like an awesome truck. Anything with twin turbos is cool in my book.
  3. ntbush83

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    You should draw us up a sketch of that BA machine! I think that would be sick! Hope you hit the lottery! :lol:

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