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Discussion in 'General Chevy & GM Tech Questions' started by DrewsZ71, Feb 28, 2009.

  1. DrewsZ71

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    Ok im gonna rant and rave about throttle body spacers for a minute. Im not completely against them, but then again, you are not going to see a super awesome increase. Especially on a fuel injected vehicle. Back in the day throttle body spacers were utilized on carbeurated vehicles. With a vehicle like that it was the carbuerators job to mix and meter the air/fuel ratio. Having a throttle body spacer was like simulating and longer intake runner, which does give you some extra low end torque. Then they would combine the spacers with a high rise intake and do some more tweeking with the air/fuel mixture. Also they would do other adjustments to the engine i.e. ign. timiing and etc.

    Todays vehicles do not mix the air fuel ratio as the older cars did. Today fuel injection is computer controlled by duty cycles (off and on rate of a fuel injector) and pulse width modulation (how long the fuel injector is open/closed) The way the fuel is introduced into fuel injected engines is the fuel injector is positioned as close to the intake valve as possible (dependent on head design). So basically when the injector sprays the fuel inside it actually mixes in the combustion chamber, instead of atomizing and mixing with the fuel as it comes down the intake maniflold, through the ports, and on into the heads as the carbuerated vehicles did.

    So the purpose of the throttle body spacer is to add a little bit of extra distance that the air has to travel to get to where its going. When air has further to travel it does speed up to make up for the extra distance when its being sucked in to the engine. They had great advantages to the older vehicles, but as far as the newer computer controlled vehicles.....Im not all pumped up about getting one for myself. They do however look pretty with all their anodized colors you can get them in. Maybe thats what you're really paying for is the anodizing process..lol I'll let yall decide if they're worth getting or not. IM DONE!
  2. tbplus10

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    Combined with a CAI they give the intake system an even deeper roar when hammering the throttle.
    Thats gotta be worth something (but probably not HP).
  3. dangerous dave

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    a throttle body spacer does aid in atomization of the air/fuel mix on throttle body injection engines. however on port injection there is zero benefit. the primary purpose was indeed for carb applications as carb jets have a tendency to pool the fuel and soak the runners rather than mix the fual and air together. the cure was to use more fuel to ensure the afr in the cumbustion chamber was ideal. the better spray and atomization through the pulsating action of injectors nearly eliminates the wetting and pooling of fuel and carries more to the combustion chamber. it uses less fuel that way as less is wasted and therefore fuel efficiency increases. the pooling is a result of the short distance between he meeting place of air and fuel and the plenum of the intake, and the inefficiencies of the technology at the time. fuel injectors pulse the fuel rather than just squirt it. carbs have a tendency to saturate the air with fuel. as the mixture runs through the plenum some of it loses the velocity and wetting occurs. the most efficient type of fuel injection is direct injection where fuel is injected directly into the combustion chamber (ie diesel engines) not very common on gasoline engines as it would require big changes in head design as the injector needs to bedirectly over the center of the piston.the next would be port injection where the fuel and air are mixed in the intake port using less fuel as there is virtually no loss due to pooling wetting etc.
  4. seffieldvillage@aol.com

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    are they ready whole the time and money
  5. ct9a

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    The only fuel injected scenario that spacers give any type of benefit that I've heard of is with a setup like a TBI.
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  6. dangerous dave

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    maybe i was rambling but you are right the only potential benefit would be on a throttle body setup. where the injector in actually in the throttle body itself..or on a carb setup. no gains of anykind on a port injection engine.
  7. trackbird

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    Yeah, it helped on my "94 w/TBI (5.7.) I'm not sure about the HP, but it raised the rpm's quicker and got it to the sweet zone. Idle speed was the same, but rpm's were higher at any given speed than w/ the stock mount.
    Incidently, one of my fuel lines didn't reach after installing the spacer. I had to cut the line and extend it w/ a hose. Eventually the hose started to leak. If you add a spacer, watch for fuel leaks.
  8. route66paul

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    when you have a valve body injection, it allows for a larger volume of air to draw from before the b'flys open, so it does give you some. The problem here is you could end up with a pulse problem, you would be better off having the same distance fron the b'fly to the intake valve, but haveing a 30% increase in volume(for a system that has roblems here). To muc volume will kill the bottom end.
  9. TRPLXL2

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    I resisted temptation when it came to the throttle body spacers, I guess because it looked like nothing more than a CNC machined block of aluminum. How do you guys feel about that thing called the Tornado, it is supposed to go inside of the stock intake tube. I was just curious because if you bought both of those things your talking another $125, and I was just curious if it actually works?????
  10. route66paul

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    Those work great for the reason they were made. The manage to put a bunch of money in the pockets of the ones that sold it to you. As far as it doing anything to help? i don't think it does any harm and if you are too broke to buy donuts, you will be healthier.:lol:

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