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Discussion in 'Chevy Truck Accessories' started by 1S1K, May 8, 2010.

  1. 1S1K

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    Okay, i dont vent much here however I am going to speak my mind.

    My family last week went to a zoo a few hours away. I was driving her car a very clean 06 Accord. When we pulled into a parking spot far away from the crowd of vehicles between a Porsche and a nice Chevy Truck. When we returned to the car a White sedan was now parked next to me a a small chip in my passenger door. small white paint transfer. My HH6 was not happy...

    Come on folks I am not rich but I do enjoy my vehicles and try to take some pride in keeping them clean and squared away.

    Yesterday My HH6 comes home and comes into the house crying. She said another car had hit her in the parking lot at work. I go look and a large red paint transfer and a dent on the door. not enough to get fixed but sure noticible enough to cause a second look. the paint wiped off with a lil cleaner and such. but the dent is still there.

    I am always getting after her for parking in the dirt lot so i have to wash her car every weekend and she says its so no one hits her. She parkes way out there.

    I am sorry but folks like us really do care about our rides whips steeds and what every else you call them.

    that is all!!!

    I'm done for now.
  2. Farmerdave

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    I have a 1971 Ford Torino and about a week after I had finished all the body work on it and had it primed I decided to go out to dinner with the girl an we took the car. while eating dinner a punk ass kid in a grand am parked next to me in the back part of the parking lot and hit the drivers door with his drivers door left a nice creased dent in it. I immediately looked at his door and it had some black primer on it. So being extremely calm about it I kicked his drivers side door with the bottom of my cowboy boots!:rofl:
  3. tbplus10

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    I feel your pain, my wifes 08 HHR has been to the shop twice for repairs from parking lot damage and she parks as far out and away from everyone as she can to stop from getting damage.

    The first time it was hit on the drivers front fender and the door wouldnt open, left lots of paint transference, the other driver left the scene.

    The second time a coworker hit it and didnt say anything for 5 days until she noticed my wife driving our Jeep and asked about the HHR, when told it was in the shop for repair to the front fender and airbag she said "oh I did that, sorry didnt know it would bother you".

    I dont have those problems with the truck or Jeep because I've got rock sliders on them, it hurts the other car worse.
    I had a lady in a Cadilliac slam her door into the slider on the truck once so hard it bent the door enough so it wouldnt close, when I came out of the store she was waiting for me and wanted my Ins. info, after I told her to screw off she called the police and tried to get them to get the info, it didnt work so well because after they heard her story they arrested her for filing a false report.
  4. c_m_chance

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    When I had my 86 Chevy, I had just had a couple grand put in to a paint job. It looked great! Two coats of red, one coat of metalic, and 3 coats of clear! It was great! About two months later, my truck was keyed from the front of the truck all the way down the passenger side to right behind the cab. I was so pissed off! Luckily, where I had parked, the schools security cameras were able to see who did it and I wasable to get them to pay for the repairs. It still really pissed me off though. And it was all simply out of spite apparently.
  5. Als09Sierra

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    Almost makes you want to stay home. I once had a lady open her door into my Tahoe's wheel well while I was sitting in it. I walked around to inspect the damage, and her response was "What? it didn't do any damge". No apology, like it was my fault. Since when did it become ok to hit someone else's vehicle with your door? My current truck has dents in both passenger doors from some moron who hit me and left. I parked way out in the boonies with spots open on both sides of me, and yet they still found a way to hit me. Unbelievable.
  6. c_m_chance

    c_m_chance Rockstar 100 Posts

    I personally think that the rubber strips that you can buy at the auto parts store that goes on the edge of the doors should come on vehicles STOCK from the factory. Those things help out so much and can definitely save stress on so many people if all vehicles had them.
  7. Joman2055

    Joman2055 New Member

    i feel your pain. i drive a mustang that i put a lot of work and money into. i always park away from the crowd or in end spots. over spring break i had my car parked on a non busy street and it looks like someone backed into my door with a trailer hitch and absolutely smashed my driver side door. my insurance doesnt cover it. >.<
  8. murdog94

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    I Have had all kinda of door dings in my cars, and cant believe people i have always done my best to make sure that i dont hit a car.. and if i have i make darn sure that i apologize if i know or see the person.. there are so many people that now have the disposable attitude..
  9. tlperry68

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    You know I like my Levi jeans. They have these rivets on the sides that can scratch the hell out of some jack ass's car without it ever looking like you touched it. Funny how that happens.

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