(Rants and Raves) Something you guys should know about Cold Air Intakes...

Discussion in 'Games Forum' started by DrewsZ71, Feb 27, 2009.

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    Im going to tell you guys some good info about cold air intakes...but first I just want you all to know a few little things about myself and where Im coming from on this and future subjects. Since I was a kid, Ive been a gear head and mainly just an automotive guy. Yes most guys make this claim but it was different for me. I graduated high school at age 17 and went off to different colleges and vocational schools. I was fortunate enough to meet one of G.M.'s executive people in charge of research and development for the region I was in. I was hired within his region to study and particiate in various projects. In that time I met some of the smartest automotive guys on the planet (at least I thought so) and learned a vast amount of knowledge, and would like to share some of it with you. My main concern is letting everyone know the myths and truths about different aftermarket products. I don't claim to be the holy grail of automotive knowledge, but I sure as hell didn't sit in an office selling K&N dyno sheets to put on TV...lol OK enough about that.

    ....Cold Air Intakes....

    A cold air intakes purpose is to cool the incoming fresh air that gets filtered on its way to your engine. When air starts to drop in temperature, its true that the air molecules move closer together to become more dense. The rate of speed at which these molecules move is dependent on numerous factors that cant all be measured out precisly. However it is known to some people how fast the rate of molecular movement is depending on certain numerous factors i.e. ambient temp, humidity, aerodynamics, etc.
    Now here is the intersting fact that YOU ALL SHOULD KNOW.....IT TAKES A 10 DEGREE DROP IN AIR TEMPERATURE TO EQUAL A 1 H.P. INCREASE. Please feel free to look that up if you can find an engine builder that is willing to divulge all his little secrets. But because of popular marketing and those stupid ass ricer movies everyone thinks colder air equates to more power. Yes that is a fact but not in the sense in which we are all led to believe. So let me ask you this....If you're driving down the highway in the middle of summer when its 90-100+ degrees, how in the world is that cheap ass little plastic box that has a see through cover so you can see the neon blue air filter inside going to cool your incoming air so much that you're gonna get a horsepower boost? The truth of the matter is, that there are airflow management systems out there that can give you some extra ponies. BUT! the materials and archetecture that are required in their design are not practical in todays "build it fast and cheap" cars and trucks. I know there are people out there that claim that their "brand X" gives them a big boost in power, but honestly the majority of those people feel that increase because they want to feel it and they are led to belive they will feel it and thereby expect to feel it. Im not saying that they are all completely bogus on all vehicles but the principle remains the same...Its called The Law of Physics.
    So to bring this to a close, I challenge you to grab a hose wrap it up, bend it, twist, or do whatever you want to it. Then turn your oven on and stick one end of that hose inside with a thermometer at one end, then blow through it. I doubt you'll be able to blow ice crystals out the other side as we are all led to believe. So take this info as you will. There are always other opinions out there and I respect those. So do me and yourselves a favor. Once you get past the fancy names, the pretty paint jobs, the shiny chrome, the multi-color LED lights, and the hefty price tag ask yourselves this... How does this thing work? Question everything you can before you decide to spend your hard working and depreciating dollar on it. Do your research before you buy all those pretty contraptions. And that goes for you too, all you throttle body spacer people....IM DONE!
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    Now tell us how you really feel! :lol: Seriously that was pretty informative, I think the "cold" in cold air intake is more of a sales gimmick, but doesn't the less restricted airflow provide some power gain?
  3. DrewsZ71

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    it will certainly let the engine breathe easier. but not necessarily faster. All you can do is get the air to the throttle body, once its made it inside its completely dependent upon the internal workings of that engine. Basically if you want to stuff 10lbs of poop in a 5lb bag, you'll just need to get a bigger bag...lol
  4. adampaul1964

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    Ha Ha, I hear ya!
  5. bry2500

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    The 10 pound poop stuffer would be a turbo or supercharger. That will truly give you a denser charge. But more air requires more fuel, which in turn makes a bigger boom that requires stronger components other wise the boom becomes tooooooo big and things break. So what ends up being a moderate investment becomes a financial nightmare. Best way to do it is to have it done the right way the first time.
  6. Chevy Newby

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    so when you mentioned the shiny blue filter with clear box Itake it that I shouldnt get a Volant intake???:neutral: what would you recommend for my truck. I am no gear head at all but I respect those that are. Thats why I am on here. Damn that Volant does look COOL :lol:
  7. adampaul1964

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    Oh yeah get the volant it's a good intake I'd have one but too many mouths to feed! I had one on an older truck and loved it. I would recommend staying away from a 10lb poop stuffer though :lol:
  8. DrewsZ71

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    Well I think Volante is def one of the better intakes out there. Id get one if they weren't so dang expensive. I didn't mean to insult volante intakes. Apperance is certainly a major factor when installing aftermarket stuff. I was just poking fun to all those companies that try to make it look fast rather than actually be fast and have it look good too...lol
  9. adampaul1964

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    Did you see the install on 2guys garage, they dyno'd it and got a 23hp gain dont know which engine it was though
  10. silveradotrailblazer

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    (RANT AND RAVES) something you should know about intakes

    Good article Drew. I think what people think is a horspower gain is actully just better throttle response because of less restrictions in the so called CAIs. Whats your opinion??

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