Ratchet Strap Mahem!!!

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    You know the biggest selling hook I had was the fact that for 50 cents to a dollar a strap they would put your company name all over the strap. So when those other drivers of your competition steal your straps they kinda say their guilty of theft everytime they use them. The company name is stitched right in the strap. I had one company report that theft of their straps decreased 80% once their order got to them and straps were issued. If you run flat eds they have drop in ratchets as well
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  3. Coach24

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    I bought them in October and have used them only for light duty (moving wood furniture), so far. The strap self-winds into the rubber ball. The rubber ball is nice because it doesn't mar your truck's finish if it touches something or is pulled across it. The ratchet+hooks+ball take up a bit more space than a self-winding/retractable ratchet strap when tossed in a bag or bin but these were relatively inexpensive compared to self-winders I've seen, before. I'm happy with them, so far.
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    My bed has tie down rings at each corner, so I run my straps the length of the bed (kinda over my fenderwells) Keeps them neat and organized and out of the way but very accessible..
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    These are really neat - never seen them before, but it looks like someone put some thought into them. How much they run for and where can you get them?

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    Is your bed covered or are the straps out in the open? Never thought of doing this - simple but effective.

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    Never heard of them before...but I will check them out for sure. THanks!

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    Thanks for your reply...and taking the survey!
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    My local Walmart had them for $19.88+tax per pair. If you can't get them at your local Wally World you can likely order them online and do the in-store pickup bit: http://www.walmart.com/ip/SmartStra...actable-Ball-of-Webbing-Green-2-Pack/14493275
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    I just get the super cheap straps from the Depot of Homes and put them in a small carry around tool box I have after I roll them up which is tucked under the seat of my pickup. I hardly strap anything anymore now that I don't do construction, so I will be saving a lot of money on straps!
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    I have a soft tonneau so they are out of the elements.. also I have a Line-X spray in bed cover but the little hoops/rings are part of the bed. The guys didn't spray over them so they work out perfectly.If I remember correctly the rings are on the sides and not the bed floor...

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