rattle trapped my cab over the weekend

Discussion in 'Audio, Video & Gadget Tech' started by reggiecab2000, Jul 31, 2012.

  1. SurrealOne

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    Nice, reggie. I'm a strong advocate for doing outer and inner door skins because of exactly what you mentioned. I've also got multiple layers in the dash as well as in the center console.
  2. Conlan Rose

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    Question to you guys. How long did it take to remove the carpeting and headliner. The trim I know is easy because it either snaps in to place or has screws and same with the seats. Obviously on an SUV you would need much more than either of your truck cabs, but I'm really just wondering on the headliner and carpet for different reasons (I need a new head liner and maybe carpet)
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    Every truck is different. On the Tahoe The headliner after you take off all the handles around the top and lights on the inner roof there might be a little glue up there but you should be able to pull it out through the rear.. As for carpet? Take everything out first about 1-2 hours of work..
  4. Conlan Rose

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    Ok, so the head liner isn't too bad. My thing is part of the head liner the fabric is separating from the foam backing. and there are some cuts and damages in it from the previous owner. To be honest it isn't that bad but its separating right at the windshield so I see it every day. I may just use some double sided tape to keep it up for now. I really need to get my leak in the roof fixed but I don't know where its coming from.
  5. SurrealOne

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    My interior B-pillar covers had to come off to remove the headliner ... and that meant removing torx bolts (for which I had no tox bits) since my seat belts are anchored to the B-pillar. Thus, I burnt an hour going to buy torx bits. The headliner for my extended cab took a good 20 mins to remove once I had the B-pillar covers off.

    The tricky point that ate most of the time was the twin plastic push plugs that push into the rear of the roof (very technically, into the same roof portion into which the third brake light screws -- it's just the other end of the same metal hollow). I could find no way to get them out (you can't lever against the headliner because you'll crush it), but once I realized they shared the same/similar space as the third brake light I simply removed the third brake light and cut them off from inside the roof (behind the third brake light).

    I DO NOT recommend that others do that. At the time I figured they would be about a buck, each, to replace. Nope. EIGHT bucks, each. How ridiculous is that???
  6. Conlan Rose

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    Surreal that stinks and I will remember that. I'm lucky that my carpet is in sections rear and front from what I can tell. The seam is under the rear seats I found it while cleaning the truck. My headliner obviously isn't a priority but it will need to be done eventually I may practice with my girlfriend's car because her's is an absolute mess. Its quite literally hanging down and has massive rips and cuts.
  7. SurrealOne

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    Are you fixing the headliner or are you sound deadening beneath it? This being a sound-deadening thread I'm presuming the latter. And if that presumption is correct, you should consider sound-deadening the roof a priority because it's a large, resonant metal panel ... and it happens to be very close to your head/ears ... rendering it a significant source of audible noise.
  8. Conlan Rose

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    Its one of those I'm doing one because i'm already doing the other. Since I'm gonna fix my head liner why not also do the sound deadening since it will have to be removed anyway. I'm assuming this also helps insulate the interior in turns of temperature as well.
  9. reggiecab2000

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    those were the biggest pain in the arse for me when reattaching my headliner! that took me an hour just to line up because those pins were so crappy!

    for me, including removing my sound system too, it probably took an hour or so to remove everything, its not as quick as you think, but it aint horrible either, but for me, fortunately, i have absolutely NO electronics to worry about :glasses:, yeah im cool like that...
    other than the air bag sensor under the driver seat, everything is manual on the interior, so mine is really easy.

    and on the headliner, I put about 3 layers of sound deadener, i did NOT want to skimp on that at all, it has a definite THUD when knocking from the roof and i love it!

    - - - Updated - - -

    actually in planning this one out in advance, would you agree that a mass loaded vinyl barrier might be more effective for the door panel and dash panel? or do you stand by the rattletrap in those areas too? Ive got plenty more rattletrap, but just trying to put some physics together and its seeming like adding mass to those plastic pieces might be the way to go... OR possibly both as well

    - - - Updated - - -

    also, surreal, did you leave your moisture barrier in place or remove it?
  10. reggiecab2000

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    ive come a long way now guys!

    finally finished my door panels over thanksgiving break, along with the addition of my NEW Alpine SPR-60C component speakers to replace my 12 year old ones that were put in when my older brother had the truck.

    heres my old setup, with the boston component set.
    IMG_4164 (640x480).jpg

    still could never really find any specs on this set since apparently theyre so old
    IMG_4228 (480x640).jpg

    moisture barrier still intact
    IMG_4226 (640x480).jpg

    moisture barrier removed
    IMG_4227 (640x480).jpg

    rattletrap extreme applied to door skin
    IMG_4229 (640x480).jpg

    it was really bright outside, but boston(left) alpine(right)
    IMG_4230 (640x480).jpg
    IMG_4231 (640x480).jpg

    alpines installed
    IMG_4232 (640x480).jpg

    and the finished product, with flush mount tweeters installed ( just used a hole saw, where my old tweeters were mounted with two screw holes, for the new hole)
    IMG_4233 (480x640).jpg

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