rcx 2.5 lift, 1.5 bl, 275/70r18 questions

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    Okay y'all ive decided to say screw it... Im getting the RCX 2.5" lift/ level with the 2" lower strut spacers, the bigger rear blocks that give me 1" rear lift, and i plan on going with 275/70r18 fierce attitude m/t by goodyear. I know this setup does work and i will gain about 3.5 inches of lift from the combo. I have one other thing i would like to do when i get the tires which is adding a zone 1.5" body lift. the only proble i have is my college has a parking garage which i have no clue why but sometimes your antenna may hit a overhead sign but 99% of the time it wont... my only worry is that if i add nearly 5" of lift im gonna smack someting. Im just wondering that say i do fit will the 275/70r18's look too small? if yall have any pics please post em up!
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    My personal view on this is to leave the body lift off. The 275's will be perfect with the 2.5 level. Anything over that amount will dwarf the tires and make them look like stocks almost on a level truck. If you choose to eventually do the body lift wait until you need new tires and do a 33.5" or 34" tire (with norcalnick fender mod or similar). It will fill in the fenders well and looks good. As for the parking garage what does the height max sign show?

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    Here are the photos with the same setup you are wanting to do I only had a 2" level kit. I did these waiting on my lift and they were not too bad. [​IMG]

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    ill have to see because those pics... oh my GOD sooooo sexy, its basically perfect. my 265/65s are gonna look tiny but ill live with it for a year lol. and the max height is 7 foot 1 inch but i mean my antenna has smacked so im just worried. and im debating on trimming the bumper valence or taking it off. im thinking ill just take the damn thing off because i live in ny so when we get snow the thing catches ALL the time. but you have definitley been the most helpful
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    I currently run a 265 70 17 with a 2.5 level kit, and there is plenty of space. the size your are speaking of is only 1.5" taller, meaning about 3/4" larger radius. With a level kit, you will have no clearance problem. I would not bother with the rear lift, myself. If you do an overall 5" lift, those tires are going to look a bit goofy, I think.
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    see the reason why i am doing the 2.5 in rcx is because it gives you the front level plus the rear blocks so you keep a little of the factory rake but not as dramatic and it actually leads to about 3 inches of lift. I dont want to do any trimming of the diff and stuff that is needed for the 3.5+ lifts so i was planning on doing this and then eventually the 1.5" body lift.

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    Its funny. I was just looking through your pics and your truck is almost EXACTLY what im doing to my truck! most of the mods are gonna be the same so its like looking forward in time and knowing all these mods are gonna look sooooooo good!
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    heh, thanks for the compliment!

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    [MENTION=44531]Sierraowner5.3[/MENTION] hey whats your aux light switch mount look like? and did you wire to come on seperately or when you flip your high beams on?
  10. Sierraowner5.3

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    the are wired hot to the battery, so I can switch them on whenever. The switch is just below the knob to control the headlights.

    there are pictures in my profile someplace.


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