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  1. wigwag78

    wigwag78 New Member

    Alright fellas I am looking for insight and advice. I have had my tahoe for a while now and am getting ready to start on performance prodjects. I know I want to supercharge it but that will still be a bit. I am planning on a programmer even though I know it will be replaced after I charge it. What i am curious about is what cam I could go with to make a little more power now that will be friendly with the supercharger. Also what other mods to do that will make a difference like msd headers or anything else that you guys have tried that worked. I know how to tune a four cylendar but this is my first V8. Any help or advice or just ideas would be appreciated. The only thing I have done so far is electric fans. Thanks.:sign0196:
  2. azdrtdog

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    Good plan i've been looking at pro chargers for a couple years far as the tune up goes just pretend its two four bangers and do two tune ups...forced induction needs to get rid of all that air as fast as its putting it in so think headers and also likes a hotter spark as to not snuff the flame front in the go with upgraded ignition system . and while your waiting on that huffer these up grades will help out with power also
  3. wigwag78

    wigwag78 New Member

    Tanks for the advice, I think headers and ignition are goin to come first.
  4. r.barn

    r.barn New Member

    I would seriously consider doing a Gen-III engine swap first.

    Those '99 "Vortec" SBC are hunks of junk compared to the 4.8/5.3/6.0 Gen-III engines.

    You can pick-up used 5.3's for like $500 and used 6.0L for $1,500-2,000 complete, oil pan to thrtl body.
    These are awesome engines for making good power.
    High performance heads, cam and power adders are readily available.

    Tons of artcls on web on to do the swap.
  5. destroyer1362

    destroyer1362 New Member

    Now you have my interest. Where can I find these 5.3's for around $500

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