ReadyLift SST Lift Kit

Discussion in 'Chevy Truck Accessories' started by dlg804, Feb 17, 2010.

  1. JW2007-6.0

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    I'm in the same boat right now with it running a grand for the SST kit. I was just going to do the 2.25" front leveling kit so they were the same but don't want to regret not going with the SST which levels and raises front and back. Is the SST worth the extra $750?
  2. tandk04

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    That is what is holding me back. The extra $750. I was looking and for a grand you can get the RCX 5 or 7.5 inch lifts. I am thinking of going with one of those. I really don't know though. Tough choice.
  3. JW2007-6.0

    JW2007-6.0 Member

    I have run into a new "problem" with the ReadyLift SST kit. I am planning on putting KMC or some other aftermarket wheels on at the same time as the SST. The problem is talking with Readylift tech support says the backspacing on the wheel has to be 5.5". Not more or less or there could be problems. This is pretty much nearly impossible to find. Anyone have one installed that has come across this?
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    My BDS lift requires a backspacing of 5.75". The rim I went with only makes them in 5" or 5.5". The 5.5" was on backorder at the time and the shop ordered the 5" instead stating they felt confident it would not rub. Of course they rubbed, so I ended up installing front leveling spacers to gain the extra clearance. The backspacing is very important, but you should not have much problem finding 5.5" backspacing. What size rims/tires are you looking to run?
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