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Discussion in 'Chevy C/K Truck Forum' started by 95WT, Sep 16, 2009.

  1. 95WT

    95WT Member

    Does my 4.3L really red line at 4500 rpm, not used to it from my Audi sports car redlining at 6000
  2. ct9a

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    Typically the redline is set by the manufacturer to ensure valve train safety. Import cars with overhead cams tend to be a little tighter in tolerance than push rods. The higher the RPM, the better chance you have at floating a valve and having a piston hit a valve. Gearing and torque typically make up for it though.
  3. unplugged

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    True about the overhead cam thing. I remember the first Fiat I drove. It was a little boxy thing and working only from the reputation of Fiats, I have to say the thing that impressed me most was the engine's willingness to rev. Of course any good thoughts I had about Fiats were dashed when I had to replace a water pump on a friends X 1/9.

    I will say that even with pushrods a properly prepped SBC can rev to 8 - 9000 rpms.
  4. s5belford

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    8-9000 rpm's.... Holy Crap!!!
  5. jmckee6

    jmckee6 Rockstar

    Haha! Yeah, my 4.3 in the s 10 Blazer was kinda gutless, especially compared the 5.7 in my 98 1/2 ton.

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