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Discussion in 'Chevy C/K Truck Forum' started by Gryphon, Apr 11, 2012.

  1. Gryphon

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    I just bought a '94 C2500. My Dad checked it out and bought it, as I am out of state right now, so I haven't seen the truck yet.

    Getting ready to order some tuneup parts, I checked the VIN...engine code N...seller said it had a 5.7, but the VIN calls for a 7.4. So, what do I look for to tell?

    Here's some pics. I ~think~ the broken sensor is the CTS (coolant temp)?


    This doesn't look right?

  2. UpsetProps

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    I assume you probably checked for this but up near the radiator or your battery there should be a little placard with your engine specifications that tells you the displacement. Of course if the previous owner had swapped out the 7.4 for the 5.7 this will not help.
  3. Gryphon

    Gryphon Rockstar 100 Posts

    Yeah, I would, but I'm 400 miles away from the truck...I just can't see that well! Trying to get my elderly Mom to find the sticker isn't working too well at this point! Worst case, I'll leave the ordering parts until I can get over there. Was hoping a look at the engine might help.

    Found some pics of the upper radiator hose layout, and that looks consistent with a 7.4, just not done right on this one.
  4. SupplySgt

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    Not sure if the 94 350 is identical to the 93 one I have in the Burb but I know on mine the PCV hose goes to the passenger side valve cover and not the driver's side as depicted in the picture. That's the only thing that really pops out to me as I've never physically seen the 454 in those trucks.
  5. Gryphon

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    Thanks! Sounds like it is a 454 then. 93 and 94 engines were the same as far as I understand. I'd compare it to my '99's 5.7, but it's too different.

    Thanks much!

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    It's a 7.4.

    Exhaust manifolds tells the story. 5.7/350 small blocks have the two middle ports next to each other. 454/7.4 have the ports evenly spaced.
  6. dedmon27

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    Yes Gryphon definetly a BBC. The monifolds did tell the story.
  7. Revredneck

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    You definitely have a 454 there. The broken sensor is the temp gage sensor, not the computer CTS. I think it's missing a guide or holder for that upper radiator hose.
    Good Luck and God Bless
  8. osgprometheus

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    I agree with the 7.4. Looks just mu Burb engine. Manifolds.. Yep.
  9. Gryphon

    Gryphon Rockstar 100 Posts

    Yeah, thats what I was meaning, temp sensor. Got one on order. Just got plates for it, should be able to go pick it up in a couple weeks. Actually happy it's the big easier on it than a 350 for the hauling it has in it's future...household furniture over the passes from so-cal to Utah! Cheaper to buy a truck than to rent one!
  10. cooter71

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    from my knowledge, those valve covers dont look like that of a smallblock, so its a good guess its a 454

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