Rear Axle Gear change ~ What's the Cost for a 2007 Silverado

Discussion in 'Towing & Trailer Tech' started by awtposts, Oct 23, 2012.

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    Thanks again SurrealOne. I'm in the WF area, maybe Carolina Ale House sometime. Oh, how I long for the days of points.... LOL Maybe Solid State Ignitions - LOL Also of note is that you can't pass inspection with lights on either so you have to eventually get them cleared.
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  2. aloxdaddy99

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    I am also in the WF area. All the items listed by Nak and Surr are spot on. The one other thing I would mention is the roadmaster kit that Surr has on his truck. It will help improve the way your truck handles with a trailer and load.
  3. awtposts

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    aloxdaddy99 and surrealone, we need to have a beer sometime. Would be easier than posts back and forth. I don't want this to go too overboard $$$ wise.
  4. SurrealOne

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    Carolina Ale House near Brier Creek seems to be our usual spot. :)
  5. awtposts

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    I appreciate everyne's feedback on this. Thank You all. I'm a little overwhelmed, excited, anxious etc etc etc...... LOL :gasp:
    Problem is I'm seeing a cascade of things coming into play that I really want to avoid for many reasons.

    Let me ask this;
    Are all these suggestions, recommendations etc absolutely necessary? I mean I went from changing a rear gear supplementing a safe tow weight range to larger tires, computer gadget with a special or custom performance program, a suspension system and the floor open to more mods discussion.

    Not trying to sound unappreciative - not at all, converse really. I'm just having trouble understanding how or why changing a gear would actually end up to all this. Is it all really necessary? Are these recommendations things you all have done because you wanted? - or - Were required for your specific needs/uses? I don't want to add thousands in mods for a 5yr old 18k truck. I also have no desire for a $40+k truck either. That's just absurd to me really for what I need & use a truck for to get banged, dinged, scraped hauling gravel, mulch, lumber etc. etc.

    So,,,, what is a must and what are the mods I can think about adding later if I want?
  6. 06MonteSS

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    well, larger tires and suspension are not a necessity...

    the programmer/tune - yes... if you don't change the gear ratio in the tune, your speedometer will be wrong and also the shifting will be affected... but I guess if you can live with that, then no the programmer is not a "necessity" either, haha...

    also replied to your email ;)

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  7. awtposts

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    Thanks 06MonteSS for the email. I had an idea a re-program might be needed after my initial research. Can't believe how integrated the computers are with today's vehicles. Wow!

    Here in NC we have this Govt Scam called "Vehicle Inspections". Without the re-program after changing gears the ABS light shows and the computer throws a code. Doesn't matter what code, they can't decipher it, it just throws a code therefore, you fail. Go get your vehicle serviced then come back. Thank You, have a nice day and we keep your $30 too.

    I have no issue with anything that would be required, just got confusing with all these ideas and all and finding out what's really required and what's optional or a nice to have.

  8. SurrealOne

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    I apologize if mentioning upsized tires added confusion, it wasn't meant to. That wasn't a suggestion for you, it was merely an explanation of why -I- regeared.

    The essential mods/services are:

    • Gear ratio change - suitable to the low-end power you'd like to put to the ground
    • Diff fluid change -- after break-in mileage is put on the truck
    • Tuner & custom tune -- required to avoid the idiot lights and superior to getting a stealership to adjust the computer because you'll get some mpg from this that'll make it pay for itself.

    The additional mods to consider are:

    • Transmission cooler -- because heat is the enemy of your tranmission and you build it quickly while towing. Get one if you lack one ... or upsize yours if you have the OEM cooler -- and your tranny will thank you for it. This isn't essential but your tranny life will be less likely to be cut short due to heat if you do it ... and it's not horribly expensive. Replacement of my stock cooler with a Tru-Cool 40K GVWR cooler was $140.00 for the cooler and another $70.00 for an EAD performance mounting kit to make it easy. (The mounting kit could be skipped if you are good at making brackets, etc.)
    • Roadmaster Active Suspension - There's a review of this on our site (here: which details what it does, how it works, etc. GMTC folks also get special pricing (mentioned in review) which amounts to $315.00 shipped to your door. Roadmaster's site also has a lot of useful information. You might check around, there, if curious....

    If it were me I'd start with the tuner and custom tune. You can do that now to get your data logging and such done. With that out of the way you can get a tune pre-set for your new gear ratio and put it on the truck moments after the re-gear is done.
  9. awtposts

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    You wouldn't have guessed from my posting here but back in early 80's, I was an Auto Machinist. I did the tear-downs, re-assemblies, rods and primarily the crank grinding since I was the only formally trained machinist. I eventually built the crank business up to a full time effort and gained a pretty good rep. I was even doing work for Mercedes Benz. I ground a D-9 Cat crank once - (took 2 days and 2 tow trucks for setup too - what a BEAST!). Shame it only paid just over Min Wage, loved the work but 24 yr old, newly married, I had to think about family so I joined the Navy and got into Electronics and Computers.

    I just know that this is no different than building or re-building an engine. You have the "clean up" or the "Blueprint" type of build. Even with the blueprint, your not going to just stick it back into the car and expect great things. This forces you to equalize your drivetrain which forces an exhaust change and suspension, then tires, and on and on..... If not, watch your tranny drop out on the street or; damage your engine wasting all that $$ you just spent. I just wasn't sure if this was one of those deals which is why all the questions.

    I like to know what I'm getting into "before" or up front - rather than "after" if you know what I'm saying. Nothing is more disheartening than starting a project and running out of money or encountering a show-stopper you didn't expect. Takes the fun away if not kills the project entirely.

    thanks for the Roadmaster link, I know I have to add something to the rear and was planning on at least a pair of air shocks on the rear so at the price you elude to, this might actually fit into my budget as a slight change.

    So, We know Carolina Ale House is the place, anyone got the date/time?
  10. awtposts

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    Oh and I'm going to check out my Tranny Cooler too. I'll get some pics and pst them and get your thoughts.

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